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Performance Confirmation Of Autoclave

1.Heat Distribution Test
Heat distribution test is an important test for verify the temperature evenness of different position inside the autoclave. It includes empty heat distribution test, full load (80%loading quantity) heat distribution test.
1.1 Heat Distribution Procedure
A.Use 10-20 heat probes as temperature probes with marks, and fix them to the different position inside the autoclave, and stick them by the seal belt. The position should include high temperature point and low temperature point, and one should be positioned to the position where the autoclave sensor is, and the other be positioned to the place near the sensor, and the other sensors placed to the other points inside the chamber evenly. During the full load test, the loading items should be the items for sterilization if possible or the similar items, and take care not to put the probes into the containers for sterilization.
B.Sterilize according to the set sterilization program, sterilization parameter and loading methods.
C.Each kind of loading should be conducted for at least 3 times, and analyze the data result, and confirm the coldest point by this.
D.Temperature probe should be put to the ice bath and oil bath before and after the test
E.Normally, the cold point could be confirmed after several times of empty loading test.
F.The coldest point and the average temperature value inside the chamber should not be larger than ±2.5℃, or it means the equipment has the error, the reason may because of the design, installation, loading method, the control method is not correct.



1.2Heat Distribution Test Acceptance Criteria
A.Empty loading heat distribution test inside the chamber ≤±1℃,
B.Full loading heat distribution test inside the chamber ≤±1.5℃,

2.Heat Penetration Test
Heat penetration test is a kind of test to confirm that the coldest point of the chamber during loading, and confirm that this point is sterile after the set sterilization program
2.1 Heat Penetration Test Procedure And Requirement
The temperature sensors should be positioned to the following points:
A.Heat distribution test to confirm the coldest position
B.Steam inlet port or heat distribution test to confirm other high temperature point
C.The position where the autoclave sensor is
D.The positions where other autoclave sensor is
2.2 Heat Penetration Test Accept Criteria
A.For sterilization program items, smallest F0 value of all point should be larger than 8 min.
B.The difference between smallest F0 value and average F0 value should not be larger by 2.5%.
2.3 Biological Indicator Verification Test
Analyze the heat penetration test result of the sterilization program to confirm the sterilization program for certain item. And conduct biological indicator verification test by put certain D value heat resistant spores to the items for sterilization, and then sterilize it under the preset sterilization program to verify if the sterilization craft could meet the standard sterilization time F0 value.
2.4 Biological Indicator Heat Resistance
Pressure steam sterilization program verification, normal biological indicator contains bacillus stereathernophilus, its normal biological heat resistance parameter D 121℃ value is 1.5-3 min. As long as the same biological indicator has different heat resistance, as a result, heat resistance of the biological indicator inside the items for sterilization should be tested before test, and verify the spores quantity according to its heat resistance.

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