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Other options for the humid heat sterilization cabinet

At present, with the development of the medical market, there is a flexible self-matching two-compartment bag, which requires higher sterilization.

1)The front and back doors of the sterilization cabinet need to be completely separated because the front and rear areas are clean areas.

2)After sterilization, the surface of the bag is dried, and the bag can be directly into the next dosing process.

3)After sterilization, the film on both sides of the powder chamber does not adhere.

4)The virtual welding between the two rooms is solid and usable. Squeeze and crack with both hands.

Number of cabinet doors

The number of cupboard door has sheet leaf and double leaf commonly 2 kinds. When the articles before and after disinfection and sterilization are in two different clearing areas, or when the articles before and after sterilization are required to be strictly separated by the sterilization cabinet to prevent the disinfected and sterilized articles from mixing with the unsterilized and sterilized articles, the double-leaf sterilizer is usually selected, and the opening and closing of the double-leaf door is equipped with interlock protection.

The opening mode of the cabinet door

The opening mode of cabinet door includes manual door, pneumatic door and electric door, the opening direction has revolving door and level move door (right and left translation, fluctuation).

Locking device for cabinet door

The locking device of the cabinet door includes radial retaining type, pin locking type of translation door, tooth locking type and transverse retaining type, bolt and nut type, screw type and cross arm type locking structure commonly used in small sterilization cabinet. The locking mode can be manual, electric or pneumatic.

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