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Establish the operation rules of the pulsating vacuum sterilizer of the motor door to ensure the correct operation.


Suitable for operation of pulsating vacuum sterilizer of motor door.


Technicians of the equipment and operators of the pulsating vacuum sterilizer of the power door shall be responsible for the implementation of this standard.


Preparation and inspection before sterilization:

Check steam supply.

Open the steam control valve and drain condensate from the pipe before steam enters the sandwich.

Open the water valve to prepare the vacuum pump for normal operation.

Power on: The power supply and the control power switch close the power supply, and then turn the power switch on the controller to the “open” end, ready for the program to run.

4.Sterilization operation process:

Preset sterilization parameters:

The upper and lower limits of the preset recorder control temperature. The recommended temperature for non-liquid items is 132℃, that is, the lower limit temperature of the recorder should be set above this value, the upper limit temperature should be set at 134℃, and the lower limit temperature for liquid should be set at 121℃.

Preset sterilization time is directly preset by sterilization digital switch, and the time range is 0-99 minutes. The sterilization time of non-liquid items is preset at 132℃ for 3~4 minutes. For the maximum package of 300×300×500mm, the sterilization time is preset at more than 5 minutes, and the sterilization time of liquid is preset at 121℃ for 30 minutes.

Preset drying time and number of pulses. The preset time for general instruments, fabrics, utensils, rubber gloves and non-liquid items is 6~8 minutes, and the pulsation is generally 3 times. If the sterilization effect is not good, the number of pulsation can be set to 4 times. The number of pulsation is adjustable from 0 to 7 times, and the drying time ranges from 0 to 99 minutes.

In the state of opening the door, turn on the power switch, the “opening” light is on, and place the medicine or article to be sterilized on the shelf. Turn the door gently to the close position, make the meshing teeth on the door plate enter the rack of the main body and be close to the main body, then press the “close door” button and seal the door to descend slowly. When it reaches the sealed position, the door will automatically stop descending and the “close door” indicator light will be on, the “open door” indicator light will be off, and the door will be sealed at the same time. The compressed air enters the sealing groove through the valve to achieve sealing.

Turn on the program-controlled power switch, and the “vacuum” and “liquid” indicator lights flash simultaneously. After pressing the “Vacuum” program button, the “vacuum” light lights up one by one in sequence:

Temperature stage: “warming” indicator light burning, the vacuum pump starts, evacuation valve and inlet valve and open alternately, pulsating vacuum, pulsation frequency reaches the preset value, after vacuum pump stop, evacuation valve closed, into the steam valve opening, increasing the heat, the temperature of recorder lower limit value, “heat”, the lights went out into the stage of sterilization.

Sterilization stage: the sterilization time starts and the “sterilization” light is on. The timing time reaches the preset value and enters

exhaust stage.

Steam exhaust stage: the “sterilization” lamp is off, the exhaust lamp is on, the vacuum pump is restarted, the evacuation valve is opened, and the pressure of the inner cabinet drops rapidly. When the pressure of the inner cabinet drops to 0.005Mpa, the “steam exhaust” indicator light is off and the “drying” indicator light is on.

Vacuum drying stage: turn on the “drying” indicator light when the inner cabinet pressure drops to 0.005Mpa When the drying time reaches the preset value, the vacuum pump stops running, the air valve opens and the pressure in the chamber rises to -0.005Mpa, the “end” light comes on and enters the end stage.

End: Air valve continues to open, buzzer calls (chamber pressure is zero), press “Reset” or “Open door” button. Seal with compressed gas by vacuum pump out, seal door slowly rise, when rise to open position, “open the door” indicator light, right now can open the seal door.

After sterilization is over, cut off the power supply (both front and back door power switches are off), close the steam valve, and close the water supply valve.


When opening or closing the door, pay close attention to the lifting of the door. If there is any abnormality, press the corresponding button immediately to stop the action of the door, check the faults and remove them.

When closing the door, do not force too hard, so as not to break the door switch.

In case of equipment failure or power failure, if the door needs to be opened, the door cover must be removed when the pressure of the inner chamber is confirmed to be zero, and the manual plate hand shall be used to rotate the manual gear on the driving device to lift the door and then open the door.

When the water pressure is lower than 0.1Mpa, the vacuum pump must not be started.

Non – sterilization process, cabinet door do not close tight, In order to prevent the door sealing ring long-term compression deformation and affect the sealing performance and life of the door.

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