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Operation Of Autoclaves

The autoclave is basically used for the sterilization of item, including culture, uniforms, instruments and etc. It sterilizes by the high temperature and large pressure of the steam. The moist heat could kill the microorganism by coagulating the essential protein.
How is the name autoclave from, the names describe the device that automatically locks before the pressure increase. This word is French and comes from the Greek language: auto, which means automatic, and Latin: Elvis, which means locked.
The process of the autoclave is decided by the items for sterilizing, which will cost longer time for lower temperature. The standard temperature/pressure of the autoclave is 132℃/27P.S.I, 121℃/15P.S.I, 115℃/10 P.S.I. And the sterilization time is measured only after reaching the set pressure, but not the start of the cycle.
After the cycle is started, the steam enters to the jacket first, and then the steam would enter the chamber through a pneumatic valve controlled by the PLC. Then it flows forward and down through the chamber and gets into the bottom of the autoclave. And then the chamber pressure rise to 15psi by the steam, and temperature rise to 121℃, and the pressure would be remained for the set time by the over-pressure control of the safety valve and the adjustment of the pneumatic valve for the steam inlet. And then after the sterilization time is finished, the steam would be exhausted by the vacuum pump.
Sterilization time: And it is very important to make sure that the sterilization is perfect every time. And there is no simple formula for a certain item that needs to be sterilized. The type of container, loading quantity of the items should be considered. When using the plastic container for loading the material, please add extra 5 minutes than the stainless steel plate, because the stainless steel is the better conductor of heat, so the run time will be faster than the plastic plate. And the higher volume of the container and the larger amount of loading, the more time is needed for sterilization.
Safety: Due to the extreme heat inside the autoclave, it may risk personal life if the operation is not proper. When unloading the autoclave, protective equipment should be worn, for instance, eye protection and lab coat, heat resistance gloves, especially when unloading the autoclave. And never open the door when the pressure exists inside the chamber, the pressure could be checked by the pressure meter or touch screen. And never place the sealed container inside the autoclave, because it might explode. And the container loading the liquid should not be full because the liquid will boil under sterilization temperature, which may spray to the face of the operator. The container should be at least twice as large as the volume of the liquid to be sterilized. And do not autoclave item that contains flammable chemicals or radioactive materials.
And lastly, the operator should read the operation manual of the autoclave carefully before operation, because it tells how to start the cycle, and fix the machine correctly and safely.

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