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Operating Instruction to Autoclave

When exhaust air is used to Autoclave the pan, the key is to exhaust the air in the pan. If there is air in the pan, the pressure is not the pressure of the saturated steam. The same pressure, the vapor that is mixed with air is below the temperature of the saturated steam. See table pan out less air pressure and temperature at the same time the relationship between the pressure air out different levels of temperature ℃ all eliminate exclusion is not also in under the pressure of the New Year’s eve, all the air out when the temperature is ℃, when has not been ruled out for the less, the equivalent of boiling Autoclave, in a short period of time not kill spores and hepatitisvirus, affect the sterilization effect, therefore, exhaust must be thoroughly, exhaust time to minutes.

Reasonable calculation of sterilization time includes The time of penetration of the temperature of the Autoclave temperature from the inside of the pot to the most difficult part of the pot to reach the temperature Maintenance time is the time to kill microorganism, usually to kill the time needed to kill the bacillus cytoplasm, and it dies at the factory.

The safety time is the time to ensure that the sterilization is ensured. Usually half of the time of heat death, and its long myopic disinfection. For the sterilization of heat-conductive metal equipment, no safety time is required. During sterilization time, attention should be paid to pressure gauges, and time to adjust the air intake to maintain the pressure and maintain until the sterilization time. In the process of sterilization, if there is pressure and temperature drop, the pressure should be reheated and the time will be renewed.

After sterilization, after the disinfection items are dried, check the indicator to get out of the pan. In the case of Autoclave, strict aseptic operation should be done. The cover should be covered first, and the tank should be closed. Items should be stored away from the ground. To reduce pollution from the ground, roof and walls. At the same time, it should be classified and placed in order. More than seven days in the hot and wet season, the items that can be extended to the day during the cold and dry season should be stopped.Avoid super heated steam, for example, when “stress should be different, when more than Rowe, it becomes super hot.”

The temperature of super heated steam is high, but like air, it can’t be condensed into water when it comes to disinfection, so it can’t release latent heat, so it is not good for sterilization. Prevent epithermal solution is using exogenous steam out, don’t make interlayer temperature higher than the sterilization room temperature, both should be close to the don’t make steam pressure is too high suction goods enter indoor disinfection sterilization before should not be too dry Autoclave don’t use high pressure steam heating to the requirements of temperature, pressure and then drop.

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