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  • Dry Heat Sterilizer VS Steam Autoclave Sterilizer

    Dry Heat Sterilizer VS Steam Autoclave Sterilizer: As the development of the mordern technology, the medical sterilization method is becoming diversified, many sterilization met...

  • Design considerations for industrial steam systems

    The design details of the use of industrial steam are embodied in the generation of steam in the boiler, the transmission of steam in the pipeline, the heat exchange and control...

  • Traps for clean steam systems

    In simple terms, the purpose of the clean steam trap is to completely, smoothly, automatically discharge the condensate in the clean steam, to ensure the dryness of the clean st...

  • Rapid Cooling Sterilizer

    Rapid Cooling Sterilizer : Rapid cooling sterilizer is composed of two parts: a program control box and a sterilizer, rapid cooling and self-cooling. The entire sterilization pr...

  • Succeed in steam sterilization

    Matters needing attention Now let’s look at five common mistakes. 1.Don’t create a plateau. These points are just potential dead ends. Vapor is usually introduced in...

  • What is a Rotary Water Shower Autoclave

    What is a Rotary Water Shower Autoclave: rotary water shower autoclave adopts a horizontal rectangular or circular structure. Rotary Water Shower Autoclave is made of high-quali...

  • Difference Between Pure Steam Sterilizer And Ordinary Steam Sterilizer

    Difference between pure steam sterilizer and ordinary steam sterilizer: The saturated steam of shennong pure steam sterilizer cabinets and ordinary pressure steam sterilization ...

  • Structural Characteristics Of Biological Safety Sterilizer

    Structural characteristics of Biological Safety Sterilizer: The SHINVA bio-safety sterilizer adopts saturated steam as sterilization medium, which is equipped with high efficien...

  • Correct Operation Specification Of Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilizer

    Correct Operation Specification Of Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilizer: As a medical sterilizer, the tuttnauer  hydrogen peroxide sterilizer can quickly sterilize medical equipment thr...

  • The five main reasons for the failure of steam sterilization

    Autoclave is a sterilization equipment that is beneficial to all walks of life. In healthcare environment, autoclaves protect patients by removing pathogens from appliances and ...

  • Autoclave

    One recent noteworthy and increasingly popular application of autoclave is the pre-treatment and sterilization of wastes, such as pathogenic wastes in hospitals. These machines ...

  • Hospital autoclave

    Large sterilization cabinet are mainly found in aseptic processing departments, ambulatory surgery centers, laboratories and other medical clinics that require a large autoclave...

  • Type of sterilizer (gravity sterilizer and vacuum sterilizer) and their respective advantages

    Type of sterilizer Sterilizer’s function mainly by gravity or vacuum induction or pre-vacuum (pre-vacuum) sterilization methods, although some types of sterilizer combine both m...

  • Steam in autoclave

    Using heat sterilization method during sterilization process After boiling for a period of time,The air above the water in the inner chamber will be expelled through the vent al...

  • Operation rules of pulse vacuum sterilizer for motor door

    Purpose: Establish the operation rules of the pulsating vacuum sterilizer of the motor door to ensure the correct operation. 1.Scope: Suitable for operation of pulsating vacuum ...

  • Planning Sterilizer Installation

    Planning Sterilizer Installation: Planning sterilizer installation is a very important thing for the reliable sterilization effect you want to achieve in any industrial field. C...

  • High Efficiency Sterilization can be Realized by Autoclave Packing

    High Efficiency Sterilization can be Realized by Autoclave Packing: Working Principle of Autoclave: The autoclave consists of a steel container with a door that can be isolated ...

  • Water Shower Ampule(Oral Liquid) Leak Test Autoclave

    Water Shower Ampule(Oral Liquid) Leak Test Autoclave Summary:   This series of water shower ampule(oral liquid) leak test sterilizer adopts high temperature circulating wa...

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