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Multifunctional Chinese medicine sterilizer

Raise of problem

For traditional Chinese medicine pharmaceutical enterprise, traditional Chinese medicine bubble material, decoction piece, especially the disinfection and sterilization of powder, extract, because its powder fineness reaches 100 mesh, some even 300 mesh above, extract is quite viscous, so it appears quite difficult. For example, some manufacturers use the traditional exhaust type of ordinary steam sterilization cabinet, the result is that as a result of powder in the middle of the cold air, steam is not easy to penetrate, causing sterilization unqualified, in addition, causing powder moisture, powder agglomerate phenomenon. There are also manufacturers using ethanol fumigation, ozone sterilization, ethylene oxide sterilization, cobalt-60 radiation sterilization and microwave sterilization, but because of high production cost, or chemical residues, or mold, bacteria sterilization is not complete, or low production efficiency, so the effect is not ideal.

For these reasons, zhangjiagang shennong co., LTD., based on the basic principle of damp and hot steam sterilization, to average pressure steam sterilization cabinet on the product structure and the sterilization process through trial and error, the summary, developed is suitable for the Chinese medicine medicine, human diseases, powder, extract disinfection sterilization sterilization cabinet, and by the relevant manufacturer, production practice proved that the effect is very effective.


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