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Motor Door Pulse Vacuum Autoclave Technical Introduction

1. Motor Door Pulse Vacuum Autoclave Description:

Motor door type pulse vacuum autoclave is designed according to the national GMP requirement, and is one of the advanced type of autoclave, which could be used as ideal product of hospital, pharmaceutical area, biological engineer and other industries for the sterilization of biological items, containers, sterile clothes, medical apparatus, and other items for sterilization.
The sealing door of it adopts electronic motor or compressed air sealing technology, which could realize the door sealing, and reduce the labor of the operator, make the sterilizer achieve the new automatic standard.
Host computer use touch screen as HMI interface, and display the temperature, pressure, time and other parameters in real time, make the operation more direct and convenient, and users could conduct manual operation according to special requirement.
Lower position machine adopts advanced control device — programmable controller (PC machine in brief), is equipped with strong function, and high reliability, and could be operated flexibly.
Adopts mechanical pulse vacuum method to eliminate the air, and after several times of pulse vacuum, steam is inlet into the chamber to eliminate the chamber cold point, making the air discharge to more than 99%, totally eliminate the “dead corner”, which ensures sterilization effect.
The sterilizer could be made to single door or double door, the double door autoclave could realize the isolation of sterile and dirty area, which could meet the GMP management requirement.
Main control parts and valves all adopts international good quality spare parts, which improves the equipment stability and reliability.

2.Motor Door Pulse Vacuum Autoclave Structure Features:
A. Machine structure: the autoclave is composed of main body, seal door, pipeline system, control system and decoration plate, and etc. The machine is also equipped with trays or loading carts and trolleys.
B. Main body adopts stiffener structure. Chamber adopts anti-corrode stainless steel, and weld by plasma welding machine, the surface is bright, anti-corrode, long time bearing after surface mechanical polishing.
C. Sealing door adopts automatic motor door, and equipped with safety interlock function. When the door is not closed to position, the door cannot be sealed. Only the door is sealed, the program could be started. In the meantime, when the program is started, the door will not be able to be opened to ensure the safety operation.
D. The pipeline system is composed of valves, vacuum pump, condenser and pipelines. Control valve adopts imported seat angular valve and solenoid valve, pneumatic valve, no fault rate could reach four million times. Vacuum pump is water ring type, which is with low noise, and no water leakage.
E. Control system adopts PLC as main controller, touch screen as HMI, Japanese SMC pressure controller and other components as a compete control system, which is equipped with five sets of programs (textile program, apparatus program, liquid program, BD test, and self choose program), the program could be chose according to the requirement, the parameters could be adjusted according to practise situation. Touch screen could display the operation status in real time.
F. The equipment is accessorized with trolley, loading cart and trolley, to make it more convenient for the loading and unloading.
G. External decoration plate adopts stainless steel, which is beautiful and easy to be cleaned.

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