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Moist heat sterilization

Even though many of the terms are complex ways of saying ordinary things, know all the technical glossary of terms about autoclave, or even how it all works is a great benefit for the technical staff. There are many special terms about sterilizer. Variations in the usage of some terms about the sterilizer may differ from company to company, and some terms may be change in the future. However, the terms used must be clearly defined and well understood within the company and clearly defined in internal standard operating procedures, standards, and in regulatory fillings. The terms related to the sterilizer as show below.

steam autoclave


Acceptance criteria means that the predefined specifications, standards or ranges that must be met under stated test conditions. The air detector means that an instrument that may be fitted to a saturated steam sterilizer that detects the pressure of gas other than steam in the chamber. Air over pressure sterilization process means that a moist heat sterilization process that operates at a controlled pressure greater than saturated steam pressure and typically uses compressed air to bring the chamber to the desired pressure. Calibration, generally speaking, means that the demonstration that an instrument or device procedures results within special limits when compared to those produced by a reference standard or a standard that traceable to national or international standards, over an appropriate range of measurements or calibration range. The synonym of calibration tolerance is calibration uncertainly or error, which means the maximum permissible range around a specified value that applies to a properly functioning measuring instrument.
The autoclave chamber we know is a kind of pressure vessel, which is the primary component of a sterilizer and contains the items to be sterilized. There are two different explanations for the chamber leak test, they are vacuum leak test and air leak test, means a test conducted to evaluate possible air infiltration to the chamber under vacuum. The commissioning of autoclave means a prescribed number of activities designed to take equipment and system from a static, substantially completes state to an operable state. Or, in other words, Commissioning shall mean the on-site testing of equipment in accordance with the standard test procedures of seller. Control valve includes discrete valve and proportional control valve, and discrete valve means that a device designed for on or off operation, two states are fully opened and fully closed. And proportional control valve has a other name, modulating valve, that means a device that is designed for precise positioning and continuous movement, typically in response to a varying analog signal.

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