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Method of Sterilizer Operation

Heating steam pot, when the gauge pressure of 33.78 kPa, open the discharge valve, the cold air discharge, gauge pressure drop at this time, when the pointer down to zero, the exhaust valve closed.
3 continue to heat, steam pot, gauge pressure rise again, when the pot pressure is increased to the required pressure will decrease fire according to the characteristics of sterilized articles, make the steam pressure to maintain the required time, then put the sterilizer or fire power, make its natural cold again after open the discharge valve slowly to remove residual air, and then you can open the fetch
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Hot air sterilizer (dry roasting sterilizer)
1. A sterilized items should not be placed too tight;
B must remove the cold air sufficiently, otherwise the temperature in the pot will not reach the specified temperature, which will affect the sterilization effect.
After the sterilization of c sterilization, do not release the gas decompression, otherwise the liquid in the bottle will boil violently, blow off the cork and overflow and even cause the container to burst. The pressure drop in the sterilizer should be reduced to equal to the atmospheric pressure.
2. Decorative paint and surface electroplating parts, should often clean, such as do not use for a long time, should be a neutral oil or petroleum jelly on electroplating parts, to prevent corrosion, good outside of the box set of plastic film dust cover put sterilization box in drying chamber, so as to avoid damage of temperature controller be affected with damp be affected with damp.
3. The enclosure must be grounded effectively and should be turned off after use.
4. The sterilization box should be placed in an indoor area with good ventilation condition, which can place inflammable and explosive material around it.
5. There is no explosion-proof equipment for the sterilization box, and it is not allowed to place inflammable and explosive goods.
6. Don’t squeeze the items in the box; you must leave room for air circulation and disinfection.
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3. Add cover and insert the vent hose into the exhaust tank of the inner layer. Two pairs of bolts are also tightened in two symmetrical ways, keeping the bolts in line. Don’t let the air leak out.

Heating with an electric stove or gas, and opening the exhaust valve at the same time, make the water boil to remove cold air from the pan. After the cold air is completely exhausted, close the exhaust valve, and the temperature in the pan increases gradually with the increase of steam pressure. When the pressure in the pot rises to the desired pressure, control the heat source and maintain the pressure to the time required. This experiment USES 1. 5 kg/cm2, 121. 3 ℃, 20 minutes to sterilize.
After sterilization time required to cut off power on or off the gas, let the Sterilizer pot temperature natural decline, when the pressure gauge pressure drop to zero, open the discharge valve, unscrew the bolt, open the lid, take out the sterilization items. If the pressure did not drop to zero, open the discharge valve, will be for the pot pressure suddenly drops, make the medium inside the container due to the internal and external pressure imbalance and rushed out of the flask or tube mouth mouth, cotton plug from medium and causing pollution.
Six. Put out the sterilization medium in 37 ℃ thermostat train for 24 hours, through inspection without bacterial growth, can be used.

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