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Medium Steam Sterilizer

Medium Steam Sterilizer Description:

Medium steam sterilizer is an ideal device that uses an electric heating wire to heat water to generate steam and maintain a certain pressure.

Medium Steam Sterilizer

                                   Medium Steam Sterilizer

Precautions for daily use:

1. Medium steam sterilizers should be operated by trained and qualified personnel, and the entire sterilization process should be supervised by a dedicated person.

2. Always pay attention to the water level to avoid burning the electric heating tube.

3. When adding water manually, the power supply should be cut off first.

4. When the sterilization chamber is under pressure, the interlocking handle cannot be lifted, and the door cannot be forced to open.

5. After the liquid is sterilized, the steam should be released slowly, and the door can be opened only when the temperature of the liquid drops below 700C.

6. When the sterilization temperature is lower than the sterilization temperature due to power failure or other reasons, the timing should be restarted.

7. Pull the safety valve handle several times a week when there is pressure in the interlayer to ensure that the safety valve works normally.

8. Remove the shelf of the sterilizer after the daily shift, dry the sterilizer with a cloth, and keep the sterilization chamber dry.

9. Drain the pressure of the water in the steam generator after the daily shift to reduce scale.

10. Medium steam sterilizers should not be exposed during operation.

11. The continuous use time of medium steam sterilizers should be less than 8 hours per day.

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