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Matters Needing Attention in the Use of Dry Heat Sterilization Equipment

Matters needing attention in the use of dry heat sterilization equipment:
1. Dry heat sterilization equipment should not be used under the condition of high voltage, high current and strong magnetic field to avoid interference and electric shock hazard.
2. Plating parts and surface decoration paint, should always keep clean, if not used for a long time, should be coated with neutral grease or Vaseline on the electroplated parts to prevent corrosion, sterilization box covered with plastic film dust shield will be placed in the drying room, so as to avoid damp damage to the temperature controller.
3. The enclosure must be effectively grounded, and the power should be closed after use.
4. Sterilization cabinet should be placed in a well-ventilated room, surrounded by inflammable and explosive materials.
5. Sterilization cabinet without explosion-proof device, shall not place flammable and explosive materials.


6. Do not place too much space in the box. You must leave room for hot air circulation and disinfection.
7. Oil-paper packing is strictly prohibited for glassware of dry heat sterilization equipment. As the temperature drops sharply, the glassware will break down. Therefore, only when the temperature of dry-heat sterilization equipment drops below 60 ~C, can the door of sterilization equipment be opened.
8. Sterilizing articles should not be put too much, in order to avoid affecting the air circulation, so that the temperature indication on the thermometer is inaccurate, resulting in the above temperature can not reach, the below temperature is too high, affecting the sterilization effect.
9. The door must be closed before heating, otherwise it will not enter the heating state. In operation, the normal operation of each instrument and the given temperature and time should be observed at any time.
10. Must be clean, should be regularly cleaned, at any time to clear the remaining materials in the box.

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