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Introduction to the Principle and Advantages of Pulse Vacuum Autoclave

The full name of the pulsating vacuum autoclave is the pulsating vacuum pressure steam sterilizing cabinet. The principle is mainly to use the vacuum pump to help the water to extract the air in the pulse vacuum autoclave, so that the pulse vacuum autoclave reaches a negative pressure state. After it is completely vacuum, Introduce saturated hot steam into the sterilizing cabinet. Saturated hot steam can quickly penetrate the interior of medical instruments, especially for porous medical instruments. After 2 to 3 saturated vapors, high-temperature saturated hot vapors can kill pathogens in medical instruments. The saturated hot steam has the characteristics of high temperature, high pressure, etc., and the high temperature and high pressure can make the biological protein denatured and solidified, thus achieving the effect of sterilization. In addition, after sterilization, the medical equipment in the pulse vacuum autoclave needs to be dried. To avoid corrosion of medical instruments by steam condensation.


The biggest advantage of pulse vacuum autoclave is to save manpower cost. The pulsating vacuum sterilizing cabinets can achieve automatic control, can effectively shorten the sterilization operation time, and the sterilization effect is relatively satisfactory. In general, the sterilization rate of pulsating vacuum sterilizing cabinets reaches 99.9 %., The high-temperature steam of the pulsating vacuum sterilizer can reach 132-134 degrees Celsius, and the pulse vacuum autoclave has become an essential equipment for medical institutions. Its scope of application includes high-temperature instruments, items, etc., not suitable for oil, powder sterilization and so on. When packing the articles, the cloth bag must be clean and dry, and there is no hole. When packing the medical instruments, the main bundle must be moderately loose. The various sterilization instruments in the sterilization cabinet must be separated from each other by liners to ensure the effectiveness of sterilization. The total volume of sterilization objects should not exceed 90 % of the internal volume of the sterilization cabinet. When sterilizing, the items that are difficult to sterilize should be placed on the upper layer as far as possible. Fabrics are also generally placed on the upper layer of the pulsating vacuum sterilizer cabinet, and metal items are placed on the lower layer.

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