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Industrial Banana Drying Machine
Industrial Banana Drying Machine
The CT-C type series industrial banana drying machine is widely used in many industrials for the drying of the materials, the hot efficiency is high, which could save energy source.

Industrial Banana Drying Machine

1. Hot wind circulation oven is custome-manufactured. The design temperature is 250℃, temperature control precise is 2℃, chamber no-load distribution temperature deviance is ±3℃.
2. The overall frame structure of the oven is full welding and round corner transition, and the outer surface of the oven is smooth, smooth and uniform. The overall appearance is beautiful, and there is no obvious concave convex phenomenon.
3. The chamber is full welded by excessively rounded corner, so that the oven doesn’t blow away from the outside in the working state, and the equipment is easy to clean. There is no water leakage in the insulation layer.
4. The door is manual type. The sealing is non-toxic 9 shape silicon rubber sealing. It can be used continuously for 250℃ for two years, which could prevent it from aging and deformation.

It can effectively guarantee the sealing performance and thermal insulation effect.

Industrial Banana Drying Machine

5. The operating interface displaysthe following content:

  • Displays the state of all parts in the system in real time;
  • Displays the operation information and the fault alarm information in real time.;
  • Real-time display drying process parameters, temperature, time; users can enter the set parameters, input password can be entered;
  • store the operating data;
  • Setting up heating process by PID method;
  • Collect batch data;

The PID can be automatically controlled and recorded according to the set parameters, and the display instruments and detection components should be applied to the drying conditions.

Password protection system: operate the password, manage the password, the program modifies the password; according to the duty of each level to carry on the management.

Industrial Banana Drying Machine-1

6. Application: The Industrial Banana Drying Machine is used for the drying and dehydrating of raw materials in pharmaceuticalindustry, food industry and etc. And could be used for the raw materials including Chinese traditional medicine, tablet and drink, immersed electuary, poweder granule, packing bottles, pigment, vegetable, fruit, melons, resin and etc.

Industrial Banana Drying Machine-2

The CT-C type series industrial banana drying machine is widely used in many industrials for the drying of the materials, the hot efficiency is high, which could save energy source.

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