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How to Maintain the Sterilizer to Extend its Service Life

The society is developing rapidly. With the advancement of technology, various high-tech equipments have appeared in industrial production. The sterilizer is the product of technological development and technological upgrading. This sterilizer is usually used in various fields, but to ensure use the effect and extend the life of the equipment. Everyone must master the maintenance and maintenance methods in the process of use.


1. To ensure the dryness of the use environment.
The device is heated by the infrared heating tube, and the electrode of the heating tube is easily oxidized due to moisture. Therefore, after cleaning the product to be disinfected, do not put the item that is still dripping into the sterilizer, because This will cause the electrical appliances and metal inside the equipment to get wet, which may cause oxidation and cause the components such as the lamp to be burned out.
2. Always power on.
This device also has the function of storing items, and it is often energized to avoid secondary pollution of items that have been sterilized. although the sealing performance of the equipment is relatively good, if the infrared tube inside is not energized for a long time, it will not be able to heat for a long time. At this time, there will be humid air in the equipment, which will cause the bacteria to grow. If attached to the item, it will be serious. Affects the sterilization effect, and the power is not energized for a long time. The humid air will cause the equipment components and the metal surface to be oxidized by moisture. Contact resistance will also occur in the heat pipe socket, which will easily burn the pipe socket or other components. This will also shorten the life of the device.
3. To select item materials.
Before putting the items in the equipment, be sure to know that some plastic items are not resistant to high temperatures. They should be placed in the upper ozone disinfection box. If they are glass and ceramic materials, they should be placed in the lower layer and disinfected with high temperature infrared rays. . Of course, everyone should also pay attention to the fact that many ceramics with colored glaze can not be placed in the lower layer and used for high temperature sterilization. Because the glaze contains a lot of heavy metals, it will be emitted when it encounters high temperature, so it will not achieve the purpose of sterilization. Heavy metal contaminants can also contaminate items.

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