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Hospital Steam Sterilizers Description:

Hospital steam sterilizers use the vacuum system of the equipment to force the air out of the sterilization chamber. When the saturated pure steam comes in contact with the sterilized substance, the steam sterilizer uses the principle of heat dissipation to denature, thus achieving the effect of sterilization and disinfection. After the process of steam sterilizer for hospital use is finished, the steam in the sterilization chamber is discharged, and the vacuum system is activated to evacuate the inner chamber to extract the steam from the inner chamber, and the moisture in the sterilized product, thus achieving the sterilization effect.

Hospital Steam Sterilizers

Steam Sterilizers Description:

Hospital steam sterilizers are used to sterilize objects such as medical equipment, glassware, surgical equipment. Examples include surgical instrument kits, glass containers, test tubes, syringes, plastic catheters, masks, protective gowns, plastic infusion bags and other medical equipment. Solid, liquid, hollow, and various shapes and sizes of instruments can be sterilized by autoclaves.

The steam sterilizers is an energy and water-intensive process. Our goal was to identify opportunities to improve power. Our goal was to find: times when the sterilizer is active, idle and off; changes in sterilizer use with time of day and day of week; and opportunities to turn off the sterilizer when there is no load waiting rather than idle.

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