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High Pressure Steam Sterilizer Classification

The high pressure steam sterilizer has two types: a lower pressure steam sterilizer and a pre-vacuum pressure steam sterilizer. The lower row pressure steam sterilizer includes both portable and horizontal.

(1) The lower exhaust pressure steam sterilizer has a vent hole at the lower portion, and utilizes the difference in specific gravity of the hot and cold air during sterilization, and the cold air is forced to be discharged from the bottom vent hole by the vapor pressure at the upper portion of the container. The temperature, pressure and time required for sterilization vary depending on the type of sterilizer, the nature of the item, and the size of the package. When the pressure is between 102.97 and 137.30 kPa, the temperature can reach 121 to 126 ° C, and the sterilization purpose can be achieved within 15 to 30 minutes.
(2) Pre-vacuum pressure steam sterilizer, equipped with a vacuum pump, vacuums the inside before introducing steam to form a negative pressure to facilitate steam penetration. At a pressure of 205.8 kPa, the temperature reaches 132 to 134 ° C and can be sterilized in 4 minutes.

Model Volume Inner size(mm) Outside size(mm) Steam Water Power Weight
MQS0.25 0.25m³ 800*600*600 1100*1320*1700 15kg 40kg 3kw 850kg
MQS0.36 0.36m³ 1000*600*600 1300*1320*1700 20kg 45kg 3kw 900kg
MQS0.6 0.6m³ 1200*610*910 1500*1320*1950 30kg 50kg 3kw 1370kg
MQS0.8 0.8m³ 1500*610*910 1800*1320*1950 40kg 60kg 4kw 1400kg
MQS1.2 1.2m³ 1500*680*1180 1820*1420*2000 40kg 60kg 4kw 1800kg
MQS1.5 1.5m³ 1900*680*1180 2200*1420*2000 50kg 70kg 4kw 2000kg
MQS2.0 2.0m³ 2500*680*1180 2800*1420*2000 65kg 80kg 4.5kw 2250kg
MQS2.5 2.5m³ 2100*1000*1200 2400*1880*2000 80kg 80kg 4.5kw 2700kg

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