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Handling method of sterilized articles

A)Shelf: there are dismountable shelves in the sterilization room, and the sterilized substances are put in the basket and placed on the shelf.

B)Method of carrier and frame truck: the carrier shall be used when transporting the frame truck carrying the sterilized bacteria to and from the sterilization room.

C)Folding guide and frame car: The frame car carries the sterilized material into and out of the sterilization room, and the guide used to pull the frame out of the sterilization room is a folding guide.

D)Ground loading trolley: When the floor of the working room is the same height as the bottom surface of the sterilizing room, the sterilized substances are installed in the ground trolley and collected into the sterilizing room or taken out from the sterilizing room.

E)Semi-floor loading trolley: according to the installation method of the device, the floor of the operating room will be sterilized if there is a certain drop between the floor and the bottom of the sterilization room of the device.

According to the specific requirements of users, there are manual, automatic control and automatic recording of process parameters for the sterilization operation.

Cabinet body general cabinet body cylindrical and rectangular two. Whatever the shape, the design of the cabinet shall comply with the design regulations of pressure vessels and be equipped with safety devices. In addition to meeting the production requirements, the cabinet structure should also meet the requirements of rapid heat transfer, uniform temperature, simple and economical manufacturing technology. Generally speaking, rectangular cabinet body shape spectacular, elegant, effective use of large space; However, the manufacturing process is complex, the amount of circulating water is more than round, and it is inconvenient to save. The gap between the cabinet wall and the sterilization workshop is small, which brings inconvenience to the placement of the temperature probe line. The circular cabinet has strong compression capacity, relatively simple manufacturing process, low manufacturing cost, relatively small amount of circulating water, and is easy to be stored in the cabinet. The gap between the cabinet wall and the sterilization workshop is divided into maximum and minimum values. The temperature probe line can be placed in a position with large gap and is not easy to be damaged.

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