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Guarantee the cleanliness of sterilization cabinet

1)Pure steam for sterilization may be supplied by the user or by a pure steam generator supplied at random. The user only needs to provide water for injection at no cost to the user, and the saturation and heating time of the pure steam can be guaranteed.Pure steam pipeline adopts the most advanced international long flow, long flow steam principle design, to ensure the purity of pure steam.Before entering the cabinet, the pure steam is filtered by a 0.22 μm filter through a vapor-liquid separator to ensure the saturation of the steam.Similarly, WFI is filtered through a 0.22 μm filter prior to use.

2)The clean air in the hundred grade clean area is used as the supplementary gas in the sterilization cabinet for the cooling of the sterilized articles to prevent the secondary pollution of the sterilized articles by the supplement of ordinary air.

3)All the outlets are equipped with high performance check valve and anti-backflow filter, so that all the drains can be combined into the sewer; The cut-off valve with high sealing performance on the discharge main pipe is used to cut off the connection with the sewer when the sterilization cabinet is stopped, thus playing the role of double safety.

4)All the pure steam, water for injection and supplementary air are made of high quality SUS316L stainless steel sanitary pipe and sanitary diaphragm valve, etc., and adopt quick-opening clamp interface, which can meet the sanitary requirements and be easy to disassemble and clean.

5)It is easy to load and unload sterilized goods by using drawer type sterilizer, and it also saves the carrying truck and reduces the operation area of two sides of sterilizing cabinet.

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