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General-purpose Steam Sterilizer Summary:


General-purpose Steam Sterilizer

This series of general-purpose steam sterilizer is multi-function integrated type high-temperature sterilization equipment, adopting pure steam as sterilization medium. All parts in contact with the sterilization items (chamber, pipe, valve, loading shelwes, etc.) are made by 316L stainless steel. This equipment eliminates the impact of cold air on the temperature by pulse vacuum.Vacuum dehumidification combined with jacket heating for drying the items. And finally sterile air is emptied to achieve pressure balance. In the meantime, this equipment has an online cleaning function, all valves connect to the internal chamber adopt diaphragm type pneumatic valve, the sterile filter is vwith onlinesterilization and integrity testing function. Temperature time and Fo dual control meet national pharmacopoeia requirements.

General-purpose Steam Sterilizer Structure:

This series of equipment adopts horizontal rectangular double layer structure,316L stainless steel chamber,304 stainless steel jacket, and covered by the external plate that is made by draw-benched stainless steel. And the equipment is accessorized with standard GMP verification interface. Industrial control system PLC+HMI has standard “user management, data storage, process management”function, the sterilizationprocess can be traced back, with independent data recording device and industrial control system to ensure data acuracy.

Process Craft:

1.Preheating -> 2.Pulse vacuum to eliminate cold air -> 3.Heating -> 4.Sterilization -> 5.Vacuum drying -> 6.Air replenish to balance

Scope of Application:

Textiles, Metal utensils, Glassware, Filters, Blister packaged items, Ampoules with volume less than 10ml, Aluminum cover, Plastic plugs,Medium

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