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Flexible packaging fast cold sterilization cabinet

Basic performance characteristics

Saturated steam and air are used as the mixed pressure sterilization medium to carry out high temperature and rapid heating sterilization. Uniform point distribution technology is adopted to eliminate cold air thoroughly in the cabinet and achieve uniform sterilization temperature. After sterilization, the additional cooling device is used to inject cooling water from the outside, spray the soft bag uniformly, and cool it to the temperature of the bottle quickly. During cooling, the back pressure tracking technology is used to ensure the production of non-explosive bag. The whole operation cycle is short and the production efficiency is high.

Scope of application

It is suitable for sterilizing plastic bags, plastic bottles and other flexible liquids in pharmaceutical factories, hospitals and food industries, and also for sterilizing glass bottles.

Comparison with large infusion rapid cold sterilization cabinet

The most main characteristic is to use steam sterilization cabinet air sterilization principle of mixed pressure, use the back pressure tracking technology, to ensure the sterilization when soft bag outside pressure is greater than the soft bag rise in pressure caused by heating, or to prevent rapid cooling tank interior causes the formation of the negative pressure, avoiding the phenomenon of blasting bag production, therefore this ark is propped is especially suitable for soft package of liquid canal sterilization process.

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