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DZK Series Low Temperature Vacuum Dryer Introduction:

DZK series low temperature vacuum dryer is suitable for drying heat sensitive materials which are easy to decompose, polymerize or deteriorate at high temperature. Low temperature vacuum dryer can be disinfected before drying. And no impurities are mixed into the material during the drying process. Low temperature vacuum dryer is static type vacuum dryer so the shape of dry material will not be damaged after the cycle. The dryer is mainly used for drying medicine extract, herbal medicine and raw material medicine powder.

Low Temperature Vacuum Dryer Structure:

The structure of this low temperature vacuum equipment is horizontal rectangle structure. 304 or 316L stainless steel chamber, full stainless steel brushed plate cover. PLC+HMI control system is with standard user management, data storage, recipe management function.

Basic Functions and Features:

1. Automatic door closure: The door motor type door, which is designed according to the pressure vessel quick opening closure with interlock function.
2. Door window: Operator could observe the dry condition of the drug through the window.
3. Cleaning: hot water soak+ side spray (optional).
4. Jacket preheating: It forms effective insulation separation layer to reduce the heat loss inside the vessel.
5. Laminar flow drying: Advanced innovation technology concept to ensure drying effect.

DZK Series Low Temperature Vacuum Dryer

6. Plate layer heating: Hollow diaphragm design. The dryer can achieve better uniform temperature control, uniformity at 1.5 C to ensure drug dry consistency.
7. The detachable design of the loading cart: The loading cart can be removed from the vessel. And the heating layer plate is detachable design, which is convenient for overhaul and thorough cleaning.
8. Pulse vacuum defoaming system: The low temperature vacuum dryer is equipped with system foam breaking function. It adopts long tube punching structure design. And bubble breaking tube is installed for each tray to ensure the foam breaking effect. The vacuum pipeline adopts laminar flow design to ensure that the broken foam compressed air, which carry a large amount of evaporated water, discharged quickly. So that the double effect of improving the drying effect and breaking the bubble could be achieved. At the same time, the vacuum degree of the equipment can be controlled and adjusted in real time. So that the drying mode could be able to be adjusted to high, standard and low speed for the drying of various materials and processes.

DZK Series Low Temperature Vacuum Dryer Parameter Table:

Project 40Plate 80Plate 120Plate
Chamber measurement(L×W×H) 1600×1200×1200mm 3000×1200×1200mm 4500×1200×1200mm
External measurement(L×W×H) 2000×2000×2200mm 3400×2000×2200mm 4800×2000×2200mm
Drying layer 10
Distance between each layer 105mm
Tray measurement 460×640×50,1.2mm
Allowable pressure inside the drying tube ≤0.784MPa
Experimental pressure inside the drying tube (water pressure) ≤1.0MPa
Temperature inside the chamber ≤80℃
No-load vacuum in the chamber ≤30torr
Chamber experimental pressure (water pressure) 0.2MPa
Heating area 24㎡ 48㎡ 72㎡
Heating method Hot water and steam
Dryer weight 4000kg 6500kg 8500kg
Power 15kw 19kw 26kw
Extract loading quantity (according to density 1.2) 110kg 220kg 340kg
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