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Dry Sterilizer

I. Introduction of Dry Sterilizer:
1 quality
DX-RXH-DCY-Ⅲ appliance sterilization drying cabinet with low noise high temperature axial fan, ozone sterilization system and automatic temperature control system, the entire circulatory system is fully enclosed, so that the thermal efficiency of the oven up to 50% RXH hot air circulation oven design success, so that China’s hot air circulation oven reached the advanced level at home and abroad for our country to save a lot of energy and improve the economic efficiency of enterprises. 1990 by the State Pharmaceutical Administration issued the industry standard, unified model RXH.

2 beautiful
I use the production equipment sterilization drying cabinet all the panels are made of high quality SUS304 stainless steel plate, wear, corrosion, beautiful appearance, without any obvious rugged, scratched, and other defects. Can effectively ensure that clean room purification requirements. Fan selection of high-quality centrifugal fan, low noise, high efficiency, heating section filled with centrifugal glass wool insulation baffle, safe and reliable.

3 Working principle
quipment sterilization drying cabinet drying, wetting: the use of electric heating, with a fan on the heat exchanger to convection way to heat the air, hot air layer through the oven and the material for heat transfer, fresh air from the inlet into the drying cabinet Supplement, and then discharged from the dredge, and constantly add fresh air and constantly discharge hot and humid air, so as to keep the oven relative humidity and temperature, save energy, most of the energy in the oven cycle, to complete the dry. Sterilization drying cabinet equipment: ozone generator with a certain concentration of ozone air, the use of fans to the ozone in the oven circulation, so as to achieve the purpose of sterilization of materials.
A: Description:
1. AC contactor for the main power switch of the distribution box
2. LED with light button, used to start the heater and ozone generator
3. Thermostat selection of thyristor progressive, just set a temperature value, you can achieve automatic control.
4. Ozone alone opens and stops regularly.Sterilizer
5. Fault indication, over-temperature alarm indication, and automatic power failure.

4, the operating procedures and instructions
A. Open the oven door, store the items that need to be dried, and close the oven door.
B. Turn on the power gate and turn on the electrical switch.
C. According to the material required drying time and sterilization requirements in the digital time relay set, can be in the 0 ~ 48 hours range of arbitrary adjustment.
D. According to the required drying temperature of the material in the digital temperature controller to set, can be in the room temperature ~ 120 ℃ range of arbitrary regulation.
E. Mode: boot, stop after drying.
Power supply indicator light, start the drying button, drying work indicator light, the equipment work (equipment working time adjustable 0-48 hours), electric heater work, circulating fan work, the temperature close to the drying set temperature, the electric heating Low power work, the oven temperature fluctuates within a small range up and down the set value. When the temperature deviation exceeds the set value, the exhaust fan starts, otherwise it stops. (The temperature deviation is set according to the process requirements). When the drying time reaches the set value, the circulating fan, electric heating and dehumidifying fan are automatically stopped
Note: The running cycle of the fan is normally open,
F. Open the oven door to remove the material, close the oven door
1, drying and ozone working cycle fan is normally open, the temperature is room temperature ~ 120 ℃ adjustable.
2, the ozone generator work, the exhaust fan does not work
3, the device with power indicator, start button, stop button, time meter, over-temperature alarm automatic power and short circuit, overload protection.
6. installation, maintenance precautions
A. The use of the process, should pay attention to regularly check the cleanliness of the fan, should prevent a lot of dust or other foreign body inhalation and failure.
B. During the operation of the fan, if it is found that the temperature rises, the sound is abnormal, the vibration is too large, should immediately stop the inspection, identify the reason and discharge the fault before use.
C. Before the maintenance must first stop, cut off the power and then check.
D. Regular inspection, and by hand management.
E. Oven should pay attention to regular downtime inspection, and by hand management. The electrical components, lines, fasteners, locking screws are loose and damaged phenomenon, if loose phenomenon, should be tightened in time. Damage should be promptly replaced.
In order to ensure the safety of materials used, the temperature should not exceed 120 ℃.

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