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Dry Heat Sterilizer VS Steam Autoclave Sterilizer

Dry Heat Sterilizer VS Steam Autoclave Sterilizer:

Dry Heat Sterilizer VS Steam Autoclave Sterilizer: As the development of the mordern technology, the medical sterilization method is becoming diversified. Many sterilization methods are available to be chosen. Including low temperature sterilization, high temperature sterilization, microwave sterilization and etc. For the high temeprature sterilization, it mainly includes dry heat sterilization and steam sterilization. How we choose the high temprature sterilizer? Which item is more suitable for the dry heat sterilization? Which item is more suitable to be sterilized by steam?

Dry Heat Sterilizer

Dry heat sterilizer adopts very high temperature for sterilization, which could be up to 250 ℃. So it could achieve the effect of depyrogenation. This type of sterilization method is particularly useful for the sterilization of metal instruments and empty glass bottles, because it could depyrogenate.

dry heat sterilization equipment

Steam Sterilizer

Steam sterilizer adopts steam for sterilization, the highest temperature is normally 134℃. Unlike the dry heat sterilizer which sterilize by high temperature. The steam sterilizer could destroy the harmful microoganism under lower temperature by the good penetration of steam. As a result, steam sterilizer could be more widely used than the dry heat sterilizer. For instance, the uniforms and culture media. So it is more widely used in the clinics. The important point for the choose of the steam sterilizer is the drying effect of it after sterilization. Normally, pulse vacuum sterilizer is suggested, which not only vacuum at the beginning of the cycle for the better penetration of steam, but also vacuum at the end of the cycle to fully vacuum the steam for the better drying effect.


steam sterilization equipment


In conclusion, dry heat sterilizer is more widely used for the sterilization of glassware and metal instruments that need depyrogenation. For the sterilization of fabric uniforms and culture media, the steam sterilization is more suitable, and it is more widely used in the clinic due to the good penetration of steam, which could ensure the sterilization effect.

When using the sterilization method of other products, for instance, herb, spices, facial masks, and filled ampoules, special function steam sterilizer is suggested. So Do you now understand dry heat sterilizer vs steam autoclave? You may inquire our sales representative for choosing the right model!


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