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Dry Heat Sterilization

Dry Heat Sterilization of Description:

Dry heat sterilization is a technology that uses high temperature to kill bacteria and bacterial spores through a dry heat sterilizer. Used for items that cannot tolerate hot and humid steam and cannot be sterilized by high-pressure steam, such as chemicals that must be kept dry, tools with blades such as knives and scissors, anhydrous oils, ointments, glycerin, etc. Dry heat sterilization requires a higher temperature and a longer time.

Dry heat sterilizations should only be used for materials that may be damaged by damp heat or not easily affected by damp heat (such as powders, petroleum products, sharp instruments). The primary lethal process is considered to be the oxidation of cellular components.

Dry Heat Sterilization

                                                         Dry Heat Sterilization

Dry Heat Sterilizations of Advantages and Disadvantages:

Dry heat sterilizations of advantages include: non-toxic, no harm to the environment; dry heat cabinet are easy to install, relatively low operating cost; dry heat sterilizations penetrates materials: dry heat sterilizations are non-corrosive to metals and sharp instruments.

Dry heat sterilizations of disadvantage are that the heat penetration rate are slow, and sterilizations makes this a time-consuming method. In addition, high temperatures are not suitable for most materials.

Dry heat sterilizer will automatically dry, sterilize, and cool the sterilized objects with high temperature resistance through dust-free high-temperature air. The internal decoration of the device is welded without gaps. The gas supply circuit, circulation circuit, and exhaust circuit are equipped with high performance filter.

There are many brands of dry heat sterilizers, such as huanyu, alfa, akarmak, alp and so on.


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