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Dry Heat Autoclaves

Dry Heat Autoclaves of Description:

Dry heat autoclaves are kind of electric heating autoclave. Dry heat autoclave use hot air to kill microorganisms or eliminate pyrogens. Dry heat autoclave has outstanding sterilization efficiency. Dry heat autoclave can kill breeding bacteria at 100℃/1h. Heat-resistant bacteria will not die for a long time at 120°C, and the sterilization rate at 140°C will increase sharply.

Dry Heat Autoclaves

                                         Dry Heat Autoclaves


Dry Heat Autoclave of Features:

1. Fast working time, using carbon fiber tube heating, dry heat autoclave only takes a few minutes to heat up to the preset temperature.

2. Use powerful air turbines and special air ducts to achieve forced convection.

3. Use forced air convection to achieve temperature balance.

4. In the entire available space, precisely control the process temperature.

5. After opening the door and feeding, the temperature in the box can be quickly restored.

6. Even when the sample is installed at a higher density, accurate temperature distribution can be ensured.

7. Supported by an integrated bracket, the inner cavity is smooth, easy to clean and does not leave residue, the surface of the parts is smooth, easy to operate, stainless steel inner tank, high temperature resistance, high safety in operation and processing.







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