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The Difference Between Pure Steam Sterilizer And Normal Steam Sterilizer

Pure Steam Sterilizer:

Normal pressure steam sterilizer uses steam supplied by the industrial steam generator, and because the reason for the transportation system, impurity, and water of the steam will be condensed on the staffs, which will remain on the apparatus and staffs for operation, which will harm the patient’s health. And for the container for the sterile staffs, it may result from the secondary pollution, and if it remains in the culture, it will not be good for the culture of bacteria.

For the above reason, the pure steam sterilizer is developed on the basis of the pulse vacuum sterilizer, this type of sterilizer is used for the sterilization of medical apparatus, sterile items container, package material and other sterile staffs, which not only reach the sterile effect but also improve the sterilization quality.



Clean Guarantee Of Pure Steam Sterilizer:

  1. Pure steam for sterilization can be provided by the user, or the user could accessorize the pure steam sterilizer.
  2. Use the clean air in the hundred level clean area as the replenish air for cooling the item to prevent the secondary pollution.
  3. The discharge port adopts high-quality check valve and the filter to prevent backflow. Shut valve on the discharge valve to prevent the connection to the drainage.
  4. All valve and pipeline contact with the pure steam, water and compressed air use 316L stainless steel and sanitary diaphragm valve, and adopt clamp interface, to meet the sanitary requirement, making it more convenient for the disassemble and clean
  5. As long as the sterilization medium is pure steam, the pure steam sterilizer is cleaner than the pulse vacuum sterilizer, which is more suitable for the sterilization of sterile apparatus and sterile container and package.

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