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Difference Between Pure Steam Sterilizer And Ordinary Steam Sterilizer

Difference between pure steam sterilizer and ordinary steam sterilizer:

The saturated steam of shennong pure steam sterilizer cabinets and ordinary pressure steam sterilization cabinets is usually provided by industrial boilers

and due to the transportation system and other reasons

the steam often contains impurities and a small amount of water is added to the water to reduce the damage to the steam boiler.

The presence of volatile amines and other substances will deposit on the sterilized items during the sterilization process

which may be harmful to the patient for the medical equipment and diagnostic products of the sterile tissue

and may be harmful to the container containing the sterile items.

The sterile items are contaminated again, and entering the tissue culture medium is not conducive to the cultivation of the virus.

In view of the above reasons, on the basis of the pulsating vacuum steam sterilization cabinet

a pure steam sterilization cabinet using pure steam in the development cabinet and boiler steam in the jacket is proposed

which is used for aseptic surgery and diagnostic medical equipment

and contains The sterilization of containers

packaging materials and other items of bacteria products not only achieves the ideal sterilization effect

improves the product grade of the sterilization cabinet, but also controls the unnecessary increase in operating costs caused by this.

Pure Steam Sterilizer

Difference between pure steam sterilizer and ordinary steam sterilizer

shennong Pure steam sterilization cabinet clean guarantee:

(1) In addition to the pure steam for sterilization can be provided by the user

it can also be provided by the pure steam generator attached to the sterilizer.

That is to say,the pure steam pipeline is designed with the most advanced principle of “long flowing water and long flowing steam” in the world to ensure the cleanliness of pure steam.

Before entering the cabinet,

the pure steam passes through a vapor-liquid separator to ensure the saturation of the steam, and then filtered by a 0.22m filter to ensure that the pure steam is sterile

pyrogen-free and particle-free.

In the same way, water for injection needs to be filtered through a 0.22m filter before use.

The steam sterilization cabinet uses injection water into the interior of the sterilization cabinet

and uses the process of jacket heating to directly generate pure steam

which simplifies the pipeline system, improves work efficiency, and saves energy.

The sterilization of self-supplied pure steam can avoid the heat dissipation and pressure loss caused by the long-distance pipeline transportation and insulation factors caused by the external pure steam

or the high water content can not meet the quality requirements of saturated steam

which leads to the sterilization temperature The reduction of the sterilization effect and the reliability of the sterilization effect.

(2) The clean air in the 100-level clean area is used as the supplementary gas in the sterilization cabinet room to cool the sterilized items to prevent the secondary pollution of the sterilized items due to the supplement of ordinary air.

(3) All discharge ports are equipped with high-performance check valves and anti-backflow filters

so that the discharge pipes can be collected and discharged into the sewer.

The shut-off valve with high sealing performance on the discharge main pipe can cut off the connection with the sewer when the sterilizer is stopped

which plays a double insurance role.

(4) All pure steam, water for injection, and supplemental air use high-quality 316L stainless pipes and sanitary diaphragm valves, etc.

and use quick-opening clamp connections, meeting sanitary requirements, and easy to disassemble and clean.

The ratio of shennong pure steam sterilizer to ordinary steam sterilizer

Since pure steam is used indoors as the sterilizing medium

it is more hygienic, cleaner, and more in line with GMP requirements than the sterilization cabinet with ordinary pressure steam as the sterilizing medium

and is more suitable for directly contacting sterile tissue equipment and sterile containers


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