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Daily maintenance for the sterilizer

For sterilizer, the maintenance of it is very important, and we all know that most accidents are blamed on poor maintenance and human error. The maintenance is divided into four classes, and the four classes are daily maintenance, weekly maintenance, monthly maintenance and annual maintenance. Next, all would be introduced one by one in this paper.
The daily maintenance of sterilizer comprises the three steps, the first step, ensure the drain screen is clean; the second step, at the beginning of the load run, check to ensure that there are no steam leaks from around the gasket, if there is steam leakage, replace the problematic gasket or other components as required; and the third step, fill out the autoclave checklist.
The weekly maintenance of sterilizer comprises the six steps. The first step, check that the sterilizer is clean and clean any debris from the autoclave trap; the second step, unscrew drain screen from the autoclave floor; the third step, clean out all sediment from the screen; the fourth step, reverse flush water through the screen; the fifth step, screw the screen back into place; the last step, fill out weekly section on log sheet for maintenance. Related maintenance records and problems should also be well recorded in log sheet. In case where dedicated equipment is employed, the records of cleaning, maintenance, and use can be part of the batch record or maintained separately.


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The monthly maintenance of sterilizer also comprises six steps. The first step, flush the drain with requested 3 liters solution, that is to say, flush the drain with a designated solution, and wait five minutes, the drain will plug up if let debris settled in it; the second step, flush the drain with one quart of hot water; the third step, replace the drain screen; the fourth step, check the gasket for cracks; the fifth step, use a biological indicator to confirm that the autoclave is working properly; the last step, fill out monthly section on log sheet for maintenance.
The annual maintenance of sterilizer is also very important, and the regular preventative maintenance of sterilizer should completed by the manufacture. Some manufacturer provide two years equipment maintenance. And the technical staff should support the engineering do yearly maintenance for the sterilizer. Besides the conscientious and equipment maintenance at ordinary time, reasonable action and strict process planning is also very important. To obtain the ideal sterilization effect, reasonable operation and strict control of the sterilizer is necessary, otherwise the normal sterilization will be effected. During the process of operating, carry out a strict process planning and inspection requirements to ensure the effect of sterilization.

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