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CQS series Pure steam sterilizer

Basic functions of pure steam sterilizer: This series sterilizer are suitable for the sterilization operation of the sterile clothing, filling containers and tools used in the area of 100 grade and other high standard occasions. The equipment uses saturated pure steam as the sterilization medium to sterilize items in wet heat. At the same time, it has the function of pulse vacuum to eliminate the interference of cold air and vacuum drying.

Description of CQS series pure steam sterilizer

Working mode: This series of equipment adopts horizontal rectangular inner and outer double-layer structure, the inner layer adopts clean steam (pure steam) as the sterilization medium, and the jacket layer adopts industrial steam to achieve the purpose of preheating and drying.

Sterilization process: In the early stage of temperature rise, if solid sterilization process is selected, the interference of cold air can be forcibly eliminated through multiple (adjustable) vacuum and steam replacement to ensure the uniformity of temperature. If liquid (non-closed liquid) sterilization process is selected, gravity displacement mode is adopted to fully exclude cold air according to equipment specifications and actual verification data, so as to achieve reliable sterilization.

Engineering material: The inner cavity of this series of equipment and the connected pipes and valves are made of 316L (304) stainless steel sanitary material, the inner surface is precision polished ≤0.6μm, and the visible part of the whole equipment is not exposed to carbon steel material. The outer cover plate is generally made of stainless steel wire drawing plate. The sandwich material of the equipment is made of high quality carbon steel container plate, which is strengthened as a whole.

Working procedure: During normal sterilization, users can choose solid (i.e., pulse vacuum procedure) or liquid (i.e., medium procedure) sterilization process to meet the needs of different sterilization items. Vacuum leak test program can be used for daily monitoring to check equipment status; If necessary, the penetration ability of the equipment can be tested by the BD test procedure at the same time.

Main body of pure steam sterilizer: The equipment is a horizontal rectangular inner and outer double-layer structure, which is conducive to preheating and drying and continuous operation in the sterilization process. The inner chamber of the equipment is made of acid-proof stainless steel 316L (304) welded, and the outer cover is decorated by stainless steel wire drawing board. All of the equipment corners arc transition, without any cleaning dead angle. Sealing door adopts pneumatic door. The equipment has standard GMP verification interface, convenient for users to carry out equipment verification at any time.

Control system of pure steam sterilizer: Computer system or PLC+ touch screen system is optional. The system has reliable operation, accurate temperature measurement and control, and perfect sterilization record function.

Piping system of pure steam sterilizer: Energy pipes and energy valves are made of 316L sanitary material; High temperature resistant pneumatic valve reliable action, long life; Vacuum pump low noise, high vacuum degree.

Door panel material: 316L(304) stainless steel, the inner surface is precision polished.

Switch mode: the motor drives the locking mechanism up and down translation, to achieve the purpose of locking and loosening.

Safety interlock: the door is not sealed and the inner chamber is not allowed to enter steam; There is pressure in the inner chamber and the door is not allowed; Completely in line with the safety interlocking standards of pressure vessels.

Flange:304 stainless steel production, the sealing groove using CNC gantry milling machine one molding, door apron sealing effect is good.

Rack, tooth plate: 304 stainless steel production.

The advantages of pure steam sterilizer

Flexible design according to the requirements of the final user, sterilization carts, sterilization trays and Loading trolleys are all customized according to customer requirements.

High performance, optimized energy consumption and sterilization cycle time

The parts used in the sterilizer adopt well-known brands.

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