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Correct operation of autoclave is an important prerequisite to ensure the safety of workers

The correct operation of the autoclave is an important premise to ensure the safety of the operator’s personal and property. The following is the standard operating procedure of the autoclave.

  1. Take out the autoclave and clean up the chamber. Please refer to the instructions of the autoclave carefully before use.
  2. Place the autoclave in a stable and safe place, twist the manual drainage valve to the “closed” place, and add distilled water (generally 1ol) into the autoclave slowly, so as to avoid adding too much water and affecting the normal operation of the instrument. Add 1 ~ 2l more until the high-water level light is on.
  3. The temperature and time can be set according to the specific sterilized goods. The specific operation is as follows:

Press the “set” button to display the temperature setting. You can press the up and down arrow keys to set the desired value. In the same way, you can set the sterilization time.

Sterilization operation requirements of autoclave for different sterilized articles:

Place the sterilized items into the chamber in a neat arrangement. Note that the items should be placed at a lower height than the chamber so as not to block the top exhaust valve and cause danger.

Different sterilization methods and time are different, especially the sterilization of dressings. The dressings are installed in stainless steel vessels, and most users forget to open the ventilation holes in the dressing box, so that the color of the test paper cannot be reached every time for sterilization, resulting in the failure of sterilization.

The sterilization of some appliances is to use the cloth belt to tie the sterilization, after the sterilization, do not open the packaging of the cloth belt, otherwise it will be contaminated again.

When sterilizing the liquid and medium, it should be noted that after the sterilization, the autoclave must be cooled by natural exhaust. In case of rapid air discharge, the autoclave must be cooled sharply, so as to avoid the glass container bursting due to sudden temperature change, thus threatening the safety of the experimenter and causing pollution of the autoclave.

It is best to cover the sterilized goods with a layer of cloth, so that the sterilized goods will not be worried about the sterilization effect because of the humidity. Let the autoclave cool naturally as far as possible. Do not open the relief valve and exhaust valve above, so as not to cause the danger of high pressure gas hurting people.

It is recommended to open the relief valve and exhaust valve on top of the instrument once a month for autoclave so as not to cause rust lead to rust dead and bring danger.

  1. Tighten the door cover, screw the manual exhaust valve under the autoclave to the proper position of exhaust to facilitate the uniform temperature of the cavity gas. At this time, the interlocking switch is closed, the interlocking light is on, and the instrument starts to work.
  2. The autoclave works and the temperature begins to rise. When the autoclave provided by our company leaves the factory, it has the function of under-pressure buzzer. The autoclave will ring until the pressure light is on and the buzzer stops.

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