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Comparison with pressure steam sterilizer—water bath sterilizer

1)Due to the poor fluidity and uniform contact between the steam entering the chamber and the bottle wall, the remaining space in the chamber filled with drugs is less and there is a “dead Angle” of steam flow resistance, so that the temperature uniformity in the chamber is worse than that in the water bath type.

2)As steam is directly injected into the chamber to contact with the glass bottle for heating, the temperature gradient during heat exchange cannot be effectively controlled. The glass bottle may have microcracks or even explode due to the temperature fusion, while the water-bath type does not explode.

3)Although water bath sterilizer one-time investment is relatively large than pressure steam sterilizer, but due to the advantages of water bath sterilizer, the capacity in the same sterilization space is larger than that of the pressure steam sterilizer, And the volume of water bath sterilization chamber is also larger than that of pressure steam sterilizer.In addition, due to the uniform temperature in the water bath chamber and the rapid balance of temperature rise and drop, the whole sterilization cycle is shortened, the bottle bursting rate is low, the sterilization effect is reliable and the rate of finished products is high, so its operating cost is not higher than the pressure steam sterilizer.

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