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Compare and select the hot and humid sterilization cabinet

In the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, biological products, medical and health and scientific research and other industries, often need to use the disinfection and sterilization equipment for the disinfection and sterilization of the relevant items.For the drug, while achieving reliable disinfection and sterilization effect, it is also necessary to ensure that the drug is not damaged and its efficacy is safe, effective and stable.

Generally speaking, when sterilizing an item, the preferred method is the disinfection and sterilization method prescribed by the industry.As several methods can be used at times, comprehensive analysis and comparison should be made according to the physical and chemical properties of the articles to be processed, factors of disinfection and sterilization effect and economy, and the most reasonable disinfection and sterilization method should be selected to achieve the best disinfection and sterilization effect with the most economical operating cost.For now, in all available methods of disinfection sterilization, heat is a kind of application effect of the earliest and the most reliable, the most widely used method, it can kill all the microorganisms, including bacteria breeding, fungi, viruses, protozoa, algae, and stronger resistance of bacterial spores, therefore thermal sterilization in the industrial sterilization on the great the heat sterilization on industrial disinfection sterilization by attention.

The thermal method includes damp-heat method and dry-heat method.The hot and humid sterilization system refers to the use of pressurized steam or other hot and humid sterilization media to kill microorganisms in the sterilizer, which is the most effective and widely used method in thermal sterilization.Medicines, liquid medicines, glassware, culture media, dressings, fabrics, metal instruments and other articles that are not changed or damaged by high temperature and humidity can be sterilized by this method;The dry heat sterilization system refers to the method in which articles are heated in dry air to kill microorganisms, usually under conditions of 160~170℃, 120min, 170~180℃, 60min, 250℃, 45min.Because of the low sterilization temperature, strong penetration and fast-acting, the effect of wet heat method is better than that of dry heat method.Method including pressure steam method, circulation of damp and hot steam, low temperature, low temperature intermittent, boiling method and bus disinfection method, in which pressure steam is all wet and heat method, thermal method, physical method, and all the preferred method of disinfection sterilization method, so the use of pressure steam autoclave is a classic equipment of damp heat disinfection sterilization, although in recent years about the wet and heat sterilization equipment in order to meet the various needs, develop a lot of new equipment, but all is on the basis of the pressure steam autoclave.


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