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Cleaning and Maintenance of Sterilizers

Cleaning and Maintenance of Sterilizers:
1.Daily cleaning: Clean the sterilizer shell before and after each shift.
2.Matters Needing Attention:
(1) It is better not to sterilize different types of articles at the same time. Such as dressing and solution, rubber and equipment, so as not to worry about one thing or another, can not achieve good results.
(2) When power failure or accident occurs, the power supply should be cut off immediately. At the same time, the condensation control valve and drainage valve in front of the trap should be opened so that the steam in the interlayer and inner layer can be discharged in time and the pressure gauge returns to “0”. And accidents need to be marked on the sterilizer and handled in time.
(3) When heating, it is necessary to balance the three-phase power supply, otherwise it will burn the insurance or electric heating tubes easily. At the same time, water level should be observed frequently. Water level should be added to water in time. Remove scale on the conductive column regularly.
(4) Pressure gauge and safety valve should be regularly checked and checked. Failure or damage should be found and should be repaired or replaced in time. The lifting handle of the safety valve should be pulled 1-2 times a week to maintain its flexibility.


(5) Electrical connectors should be checked regularly to prevent loosening. The equipment should be grounded accurately to ensure safety.
(6) The sterilizer should be kept clean and dry, especially when it is not in use for the time being, it should be wiped clean to avoid corrosion, and lubricating oil should be added to the rotating parts in time.
(7) Avoid corrosion of stainless steel by chloride ions, and pay attention to the use of water quality chloride ion content can not exceed 25 ppm.
(8) Sterilizer should be operated in good condition and should be maintained regularly to ensure normal operation.
3.Component Maintenance:
(1) Door seal ring: rubber products, in case of aging and damaged gas leakage, should be replaced in time.
(2) Pressure gauge: When the pointer fails to return to the “0” position, the reading is not allowed, etc., it should be replaced in time. And should be sent to the metrology department for regular verification.
(3) If the temperature is shifted after using the sterilizer for a long time, press “F3” to set the temperature after the power calibration occurs.
(4) Setting mode, the user should be able to operate under the guidance of our company’s engineers. The password is turned on and the user cannot set it arbitrarily.
(5) Pressure controller: The controller is adjusted to 0.15MPa at the factory. After using one period, if there is a large error, you can rotate the knob on the controller to adjust. After adjustment, the heater is heated. When the required pressure is reached, the heating indicator can be automatically turned off or bright. When the pressure is stable, the pressure controller works normally.
(6) Low water level breaker: This unit should be inspected regularly. The inspection method is as follows: Add the water in the water tank to the normal water level to turn on the power.
(7). Electric heating pipe: The water tank is equipped with 6 U-shaped electric heating pipes, each 4KW, suitable for 380V three-phase power supply. The scale on the surface of the electric heating pipe should be regularly removed to avoid affecting the heat transfer effect.

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