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Clean and Sterilization and Sterilize Operation Standard

Clean and Sterilization and Sterilize Operation Standard
Scope of Clean and Sterilization
This standard describes the sterilization of medical instruments, apparatus, and items that are used in all levels of central sterile supply department, CSSD.

sterilizer sterilizer
Cleaning includes wash, rinsing and final rinsing, which use flow water to clean the apparatus, instrument and items.
Use the water that contains chemical detergent to wash the instrument, apparatus and items.
Use flow water to clean the residue on the items.
End rinsing
Use soft water, purified water or distilled water to conduct the final cleaning of the washed apparatus, instrument and items.
Ultrasonic cleaner
This cleaner adopts ultrasonic technology to clean the items.
Washer disinfector
Machine that is equipped with clean and disinfects function.

sterilizer sterilizer
1.The apparatus, instruments and items after cleaning should be sterilized. The first choice is heat sterilization, or 75% ethyl alcohol, acid oxidation potential of water or the sterilization apparatus that is approved by the national standard.
2.Moisture heat sterilization method: used for the sterilization of the apparatus, instrument and items that could bear the high temperature
a. The pressure steam sterilizer includes discharge type sterilizer and pre-heat type sterilizer, which could be chosen according to the sterilization item.
b. Pressure steam sterilizer programs include preparation before sterilization, sterilization loading, sterilization operation, unloading items and sterilization effect monitoring.
c. Conduct preheating for the autoclave
d. Conduct B-D test for the autoclave every day before preheating.
e. Load the items according to the following requirement
Use the sterilization loading cart or basket for loading, distances should be remained between each item, make it good for the sterilization medium penetration.
Place the apparatus, instrument and items in the same class together to sterilize in one cycle.
If the items are not same, place the fabric items at the top of the layer vertically, and the metals at the bottom of the layer.
Apparatus should be placed horizontally, plates, bowls should be put in sideways, glass bottles should be put off or in sideways, paper or plastic package should be put in sideways to make it convenient for the inlet and outlet of the steam.

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