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Classification of humid heat sterilization cabinet

Classification by volume

Generally, when the volume is below 0.20m³, it is a small sterilizer, 0.20~1.5m³ is a medium sterilization cabinet, and above 1.5m³ is a large sterilization cabinet. Large and medium-sized sterilization cabinets are often used for industrial sterilization, while small ones are often used in medical and health institutions and laboratories.

Classified by control mode

According to the control mode, it can be divided into three types: simple, manual and automatic. The simple pressure steam sterilizer includes portable and table sterilizer.The whole sterilization process of the manual sterilization cabinet is handled by the operator, and there is no organic connection between each step;Automatic control (program control) sterilization cabinet can be selected according to the requirements of different sterilization items. Except for loading and unloading items, the whole sterilization process is carried out automatically and continuously.

Classified by thermal medium, operating state, exhaust mode, steam quality and use, etc

According to the different thermal medium of sterilization factors, the humid heat sterilization cabinet can be divided into three categories: pressure steam sterilization cabinet, water bath sterilization cabinet and steam and air mixing sterilization cabinet.The water bath sterilization cabinet can be divided into static type and rotary type according to the movement state of the sterilization vehicle inside the cabinet.The pressure steam sterilization cabinet can be divided into two types, the lower exhaust type (also known as gravity displacement type) and the pre-vacuum type (including primary vacuum pumping and pulsating vacuum) according to the difference of the vacuum generation principle required by the original cold air inside the cabinet.If according to the steam quality, can be divided into ordinary steam type and pure steam type;If according to the purpose, can be divided into general steam autoclave and special steam autoclave.

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