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The Classification and Characteristics of High Pressure Sterilizer

Classification of Sterilizers
Portable sterilizers are regular and automatic, High pressure sterilizer has lots of types, includes automatic type and ordinary type of high pressure sterilizer.
Automatic type: good sealing performance, effectively prevent steam leakage; pressure gauge equipped can visually indicate the working pressure and the corresponding temperature, which could help to grasp the sterilization effect; and it is equipped with the safety valve, to ensure safe operation; automatic type general configuration of the imported water device, which could detect the chamber water shortage in the first time, absolutely safe and reliable; automatic type can automatically control the pressure required, without artificial guard master; automatic type can automatically control the sterilization time;
Ordinary type: double scale, two kinds of counting pressure meters, overpressure self-discharge, low water level electric heating tube, electric heating mode. Limitations of sterilizers.

high pressure sterilizer  autoclave
Portable autoclave
1.  limitations: small capacity.
Portable sterilizing pot
2. Years ago it will need someone to watch during operation, because the automatic control device without pressure and temperature, the temperature or pressure to achieve the required (121 degrees 0.1MPa), to cut off the power supply to stop heating. When the temperature drops, the power is switched on and the temperature is kept within a constant range. Because the temperature is too low to achieve sterilization, it can be dangerous if it is too high. So the operation is rather troublesome. But now this ancient sterilization pot has been rare, and now on the market, portable sterilizer also achieve control automation, but because of the pressure of sterilization is relatively large, it is better to have someone in the field for insurance.
3. Generally speaking, water should be added before each sterilization. Water cannot be too little, otherwise, it will cause dry or burst. Add water. The best resulting deionized water, scaleless.
4. The most common test method is to put the sterile medium in the 37-degree incubator for 24 hours. If there is no growth of miscellaneous bacteria, the sterilization effect is also acceptable.
5. High-pressure steam sterilization for a wide range of applications. Generally used in laboratory medical institutions, other methods such as dry heat sterilization, the effect is very good. But the scope of application is small. In addition, bath disinfection, high-temperature instantaneous sterilization, intermittent sterilization and filtration sterilization are commonly used in industrial production. These methods are either made to be larger or are used for sterilization of certain materials. Each has its own limitations.

high pressure sterilizer sterilizer
Sterilizer Features:
Automatic and dry type
Hand wheel type quick opening door safety interlock structure (conforms to forty-ninth requirements of safety technology supervision regulations for pressure vessel)
Material: pot shell, the cavity is made of high-quality stainless steel SUS304 material, acid, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance
Microcomputer intelligent automatic control
Pressure safety interlock device, over temperature automatic protection device
Self-expanding sealing ring automatically releases cold air
Overpressure self-discharge, low water level alarm, water-free control
Temperature range (109-135 DEG C), sterilization time range (4-120min), drying time range (dry after sterilization) (30-240min)
Internal circulation exhaust type, with 3-liter collection cylinder
Automatic water inlet, heating, sterilization, steam discharging, drainage and drying.
After the work, buzzer reminder, automatic stop

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