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Central Sterile Supply Department, CSSD

Hospital disinfect supply center
Section 2: Cleaning disinfect and sterilization technical operation specification
1 Scope
This specification refers to( central sterile  supply department, CSSD) medical instrument, apparatus and items handling, operation process. Infectious diseases and pathogens with unknown causes of infectious diseases process for processing machinery, apparatus and articles. This standard applies to the CSSD of the hospital and to provide disinfection and sterilization services for the hospital of social sterilization. If the hospital has not implemented the centralized management of disinfection and supply work, the disinfection and supply of the operating department (room) shall be carried out in accordance with this standard.
3.Terms and definitions
The following terms and definitions apply to this standard
Remove the entire process of medical equipment, appliances and dirt on the items, including flushing, washing, rinsing, and final rinsing. Process for removing surface contaminants from instruments, apparatus, and articles using flowing water.
3. 1  Cleaning
It is the entire process for removing the process of medical equipment, appliances and dirt on the items, including washing, washing, rinsing, and final rinsing. It is the process for removing surface contaminants from instruments, apparatus, and articles by using flowing water.

3.  1. 2  Washing
It is the process for removing contaminants from instruments, apparatus and articles by using cleaning water that containing with chemical cleaning agents.

sterilization machinesterilization machine

3. 1.3  Rinsing
It is the process of washing residues on instruments, apparatus, and articles after washing with flowing water.
3.  1.4 End rinsing
It is the process of using soft water, purified water or steam to eliminate the water for the final treatment of the rinsing apparatus, apparatus, and article.
3. 2  Ultrasonic cleaner
Equipment for cleaning cavitation by ultrasonic wave oscillation in water.
3. 3  Washer-disinfector
The machine which is with cleaning and disinfecting function.
3.4  Closure
Method for closing a package without forming a seal. Such as repeated folding to form a curved path. The result of the packaging inter-layer connection. Note: seals can be used such as adhesives or hot melt method.
3.6  Closure integrity
The closure condition ensures that the closure is at least the same as the other part of the package that prevents the entry of the microorganisms placed in the cavity of a surgical or physiological body. The retention time is 30d or more implantable items.

5.3.3 Cleaning steps including flushing, washing, rinsing, final rinsing. Cleaning operations and precautions shall comply with the requirements of appendix B.

5. 3. 4 Cleaning of precision instruments shall follow the instructions or instructions provided by the manufacturer.

5.4 Disinfection

5.4.1 After cleaning the equipment, utensils and articles should be disinfected. The preferred method is mechanical thermal disinfection, also can use 75% ethanol, electrolyzed oxidizing water or disinfection utensils that is permitted by health administrative department of the State Council health.
2 was 310. 2- 2009

sterilization machine sterilization machine

5.4.2 The temperature and time of hot and humid disinfection method shall refer to the requirements of table 1. The utility model can directly observe the color change of the sterilization chemical indicator in the bag after the disinfection is directly used for the diagnosis and treatment equipment, the apparatus and the articles shall not be put outside the bag. Closed packing should use special adhesive tape, tape length should be suitable for the volume and weight of the sterilization bag, the tightness is appropriate. The packet should be tight, keep close integrity.  Paper plastic bags, paper bags, such as sealing the sealing width of the injection should be noted with “6mm”, the instrument that inside the package from the packaging bag seal ~2.5cm,

5. 7. 9.4 Medical heat sealing machine should be checked for accuracy of the parameters and the closure integrity in the daily before use.

5. 7.  9.  5  The rigid container shall be provided with a safety locking device, which shall be recognized when the integrity of the barrier is destroyed.

5.7.9. 6  The identification of the packaging of sterilized articles shall indicate the name of the article, the contents of the package, etc.. Before sterilization, the number of the sterilizer, the batch of sterilization, sterilization date and expiry date. Identification shall be traceable.

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