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Causes and Treatment of Wet Package after Pressure Steam Sterilization

Causes and Treatment of Wet Package after Pressure Steam Sterilization:

Pressure steam sterilization is an important disinfection method for controlling and preventing infection in the supply room. The quality of sterilization in the supply room directly affects the life of patients and the medical quality of the hospital. In the process of steam sterilization, wet package is one of the main phenomena that affect the sterilization effect.Wet package is the package moisture of disinfectant items, which forms a continuous liquid channel inside and outside the package, destroying the sterility of the package.The presence of wet package means that sterilization has failed and it is necessary to re-sterilize before use. The appearance of wet bag will lead to the waste of manpower and material resources in hospital. Therefore, the supply room should take certain measures to ensure that the sterilization items in the hospital can reach 100% qualified rate.


Experiment: The automatic pressure steam sterilizer was used in both groups, the working pressure was 0.21MPa, the sterilization temperature was 132-134℃, and the sterilization time was 6 min.The intervention measures of the experimental group were as follows: ensure good drying time for the sterilized items, partially open the pot door after the sterilization process, and take out the sterilized items to avoid the formation of condensed water when the temperature in the pot drops to about 80℃;Standardize the operation process of disinfection personnel to ensure the correct packaging and loading method of disinfection items.The determination principle of wet package, according to the Ministry of Health《Disinfection technical specifications》, the water content in the disinfectant bag is not more than 3%, if more than 6% is wet package, if there is a sense of moisture outside the disinfectant bag, the traces of water outside the disinfectant bag, the phenomenon of water droplets inside the disinfectant bag are regarded as wet bag, not used as sterile items.

1.Analysis of the causes of wet entrapment after steam sterilization:

There are many reasons for the wet package in the bag. Through the analysis and statistics of the wet package, it can be known that the main reasons for the wet package in the bag are as follows:First of all, the number of metal items in the package is too many, resulting in a lot of condensation water in the package, which is not easy to vaporize, resulting in wet package.Due to the negligence of the staff, when packing the disinfected instruments and utensils, they forgot to place the pad or absorbent paper, and packed the fabric bag and dressing bag too tightly, resulting in the poor air permeability of the outer package of the disinfected items, leading to the wet package in the disinfected bag.

2.Due to the problem of item placement, the sterilization items on the sterilization trolley are close to the wall of the pot, resulting in the sterilization package being wet by the condensation water on the wall of the pot, resulting in the wet package outside the package. Due to the blockage of the steam discharge pipe of the sterilizer, there is a certain amount of water inside the sterilizer, leading to the wetness outside the sterilizer. In addition, the metal items to be sterilized are placed on the upper layer, and the condensate generated by it will cause the items in the lower layer of the sterilizer to be wet. Steam with a high moisture content in the sterilizer will also wet the sterilizing package, resulting in a wet package. Do not use the correct cooling method, immediately open the door after sterilization to take out the sterilization items, resulting in wet package.

The solution to the wet bag is as follows:

1.Ensure that the sterilized items have a good drying time.

In the case of forced drying, ensure that the drying time of the sterilized items is more than 30 min, and in the case of natural drying, ensure that the sterilized items have a drying time of more than 3h. If there is no good sterilization time, the condensation produced during steam sterilization will increase the probability of wet package.

2.Use proper cooling methods

The sterilization items in the pot have a high temperature. If they are directly in contact with a large amount of air outside, under the action of a large temperature difference, a large amount of condensed water will inevitably be generated, leading to sterilization and wet package.Therefore, after the completion of the sterilization process, it is necessary to partially open the pot door and wait for the temperature in the pot to drop to about 80℃ before the sterilization items can be taken out.After taking out the sterilized items, they should be cooled to room temperature before they are put into the aseptic storage cabinet or sent to the corresponding department. In the process of cooling to room temperature, the fabric should be spread on the table, and the items should be placed with a certain gap, and cannot be stacked too tightly; At the same time to avoid cold air flow through the area, such as air conditioning outlet; In order to ensure that the package will not form condensation water, resulting in wet bag.

3.To standardize the operation of disinfection personnel

To ensure the correct packaging and loading method of sterilized items strictly control the weight, density, specification and placement method of sterilized items can effectively ensure the drying process of sterilized items. The size and tightness of the disinfection items should be changed with the increase of the items. The size of the fabric bag should not exceed the volume of 25 cm25 cm×30 cm cube. The items should be placed with gaps to facilitate the drying process of the items.A absorbent towel should be placed between the larger basin and the surgical package plate to reduce the amount of overlap to avoid the occurrence of wet package.Place the metal instrument in the lower layer of the sterilizer and the fabric in the upper layer. At the same time, pay attention to avoid the contact between the package and the wall of the pot to reduce the appearance of condensation water. The mechanical package with basin and package plate should be slightly tilted forward when placed, to minimize the drying effect due to the accumulation of water. Carry out regular safety inspection on the sterilizer to ensure the quality of steam, check whether the drain pipe is blocked before operation every day, and deal with the blockage of the drain pipe in time to avoid the wet package caused by the blocked discharge of condensed water. At the same time, the department should train the disinfection personnel in the supply room, learn the relevant medical knowledge of steam sterilization and detection, strengthen their business ability, and improve the knowledge and operation level of the disinfection personnel.

Wet package in the process of pressure steam sterilization not only has a serious impact on the work efficiency of the hospital, but also the secondary pollution caused by wet bale is a serious problem. Medicine is more and more strict with items of disinfection sterilization, disinfection personnel to cautious attitude, actively looking for the reasons of steam sterilization in wet package on the root of the problem adopt corresponding measures to intervene control, to ensure that the hospital disinfection sterilization items 100% qualified rate, prevent the occurrence of hospital infection, reduce the risk of medical accident.

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