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A brief analysis of the use of autoclave sterilizer what matters needing attention

Autoclave is very common in our daily life and common, but most of the families do not have to, to say right now is the autoclave, actually this kind of equipment types of various, autoclave is one of them, and using range is very wide, including some of the industry, hospital, test will need. So what are the precautions for using autoclave? Huanyu machinery to check several important knowledge, but also hope that users in the use of strict operation in accordance with the rules, to achieve the best safety important.

The use of the autoclave note there are a lot of, and are more basic, the first is sterilized items preliminary processing, as long as it is exposed to pathogenic microorganisms of medical apparatus and instruments, sheet clothing and so on are all need to use chemical disinfectants for disinfection, then according to the regular cleaning, especially some infection wards used a variety of items, must be strictly controlled, first carries on the strict disinfection, then cleaning and sanitation. When the routine cleaning, generally is to use detergent solution to soak, wipe and remove the stains on the items, and then rinse with clean water. After washing, the items should be wiped dry and packaged according to clinical needs to avoid re-contamination.

Next, about the packing of disinfection article and container want appropriate, use white cotton qualitative double layer to wrap cloth commonly, should not use article to wrap again after catharsis, use string to tie up at the same time must not loose, also cannot too tight. When using containers, choose containers that can not only block the invasion of external microorganisms, but also have better steam penetration, so that the sterilization effect will be better in the process of using autoclave sterilizer.

In the process of using the autoclave sterilizer, the air must be expelled. The most important thing is to drain the air out of the pot. If there is air in the pot, the pressure indicated by the pressure needle is not the pressure generated by saturated steam, which will affect the sterilization effect of the sterilizer.

In addition, the sterilization time should be calculated strictly and reasonably. The sterilization time generally includes penetration time, maintenance time and safety time. According to these three points, users can operate according to the actual situation in the use process. What are the cautions for the use of autoclave sterilizer? The above provides three or four points, each of which is very basic. For users who use the device for the first time, some details must be mastered to avoid the security risks caused by improper operation in the use process.

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