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Basic structure and process characteristics of multifunctional Chinese medicine sterilizer

For Chinese traditional medicine enterprises there is no ideal disinfection sterilization equipment, make full use of the pressure steam sterilization is the lowest cost of production, sterilization, sterilization process of all the most effective, the most widely used method of sterilization and equipment advantages, to solve the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), slices, powder, foam material extract afraid of wet principal contradiction, also guarantee the quality of its products. The structural and technological features of the new product are as follows:

(1)The double-layer cabinet structure is adopted. By heating the jacket first, the condensing water in the steam pipe is removed to ensure that the saturated steam enters the inner layer and avoid the condensing water and the traditional Chinese medicine articles to be sterilized and sterilized.

(2)It uses pre-vacuum to remove the cold air in the sterilization cabinet and powder, making it easy to penetrate the steam sterilization. With traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) items to make use of the indirect heating jacketed preheat and vacuum drying, reduce the contact time of saturated steam for drug heating, thus reducing the degree of wet powder and powder of total moisture content, in order to avoid the sterilized powder dry, or dry too fast due to excessive moisture content of powder agglomeration phenomenon created favorable conditions.

(3)Special moistureproof device is equipped in sterilization cabinet to avoid condensation water and moist powder during heating and sterilization process.

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