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Basic performance characteristics of water bath sterilizer

1)Due to the working principle of water bath spray, the chamber has good temperature uniformity and no temperature dead angle; The gradient of the rapid and uniform temperature change can be controlled within 0~5℃/min, so that the temperature change rate in the heat transfer process is balanced. In the process of constant temperature, the temperature difference in liquid medicine can be controlled within ±0.5℃ to effectively ensure the quality of medicine.

2)Wide range of temperature control and can achieve uniform sterilization under 100℃.

3)During the entire sterilization process, the superheated purified water as the sterilization and cooling medium of the internal circulation sterilization system is placed in a relatively closed circulation system to realize heating, sterilization and cooling operations, which can effectively prevent the re-contamination of products by unclean cooling water during the working process.

4)Water bath cooling makes the sterilized items cool down in a balanced way, and it is supplemented by backpressure protection measures to ensure no bottle explosion.

5)Horizontal cylindrical cabinets are more uniformly pressed than rectangular cabinets, conducive to the elimination of temperature dead angle; And the bottom space of the circular arc can store circulating water and save another storage tank.In addition, the circulating water is completely located at the lower part of the track of the sterilizing vehicle, which has no influence on the entering and leaving of sterilized items. Therefore, the circulating water can be reused, and the consumption of circulating water is less than that of the square cabinet, the total energy consumption is reduced, and the production efficiency is improved.

6)scope of application

It is suitable for sterilization glass bottles, plastic bottles and soft bag packaging infusion in the pharmaceutical industry, auxiliary vacuum or vacuum colored water combined leak detection technology, and can also be suitable for sterilization and leak detection of ampoules, oral liquid and small infusion bottles; It is suitable for sterilization all kinds of sealed packaging, drinking liquid and canned food.

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