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Basic operation principle of water bath sterilizer

It is mainly used for disinfection and sterilization of heat-resistant and wet-resistant items in pharmaceutical factories, hospitals and laboratories, such as bottles (bag)with liquid medicine, metal appliances,porcelain, glassware, instruments, packaging materials, such as fabric, dressing etc,effective universal usability.It is especially suitable for pharmaceutical enterprises that carry out disinfection and sterilization treatment for many varieties small batches of items. Clean sterilization medium (currently purified water is commonly used in China) is injected into the sterilization chamber to a certain liquid level (the water amount is calculated to ensure the flow rate in the circulation system).Then the sterilizing water is extracted from the bottom of the cabinet by circulating pump, heated by plate heat exchanger, and continuously circulates into the spraying system on the top of the sterilizer.The spraying system is composed of a spray pipe and a sprinkler head, sprinkler head with large flow and wide Angle (up to 1700). The spray water is in close contact with the sterilized articles.In the cooling process, close the steam valve on one side of the heat exchanger, open the cooling water valve, and make the sterilized water continuously and gradually cool down, which is used for the rapid cooling of sterilized articles, and supplemented by certain backpressure protection, to prevent the occurrence of explosion phenomenon. The spray system has large nozzle aperture and is not easy to block , the sprinkler head has a large scatter angle with wide coverage, The ejected water forms a mist, which is conducive to heat exchange and cooling of sterilized articles, ensuring sterilization and cooling effect.Therefore, it is adopted by overseas Swedish CETINCGE company, Italian FEDEGARI Company, domestic Zhangjiagang Huanyu Pharmaceutical Equipment Co., LTD and other manufacturers of the sterilization equipment.It is also chosen by the majority of pharmaceutical enterprises.In addition, some manufacturers use screen spray system,In other words, sterilization and cooling water enter the sieve plate from the top of the sterilizer and spray the liquid bottle from top to bottom with vertical and parallel water evenly distributed.Additional, the water board that has certain height to store water and the pump flow that exceed water board flow rate, make redundant water shows waterfall form overflow from water board all round to fall along cabinet put oneself in another’s position four walls directly, achieve cabinet put oneself in another’s position and medicine to rise with same speed drop in temperature.

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