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Basic operating procedure

1)Place items: First, put the items need to be disinfected and sterilized into the chamber and then close the chamber door of the autoclave.

2)Jacket heating: Move the steam control valve to the “closed” position, open the steam inlet valve, and let the steam enter the outer jacket, and then heat the four walls of the chamber.

3)Sterilization:When the jacket pressure gauge indicates that the pressure have reached the required sterilization pressure, move the steam control valve to the “sterilization” position. At this time, the hot steam will enter the chamber and discharge the cold air and condensate from the lower steam trap; When the pressure and temperature in the chamber reach the sterilization requirements, rotate the pressure control valve to keep it constant until reaching the specified sterilization time.

4)Exhaust: After sterilization, move the steam control valve to the “steam exhaust” position to discharge the steam from the autoclave.

5)Drying: If the items need to be dried, the steam control valve can be moved to the “drying” position after the steam is vented. At this time, the chamber will be pumped into negative pressure. After 20 minutes of extraction, it can meet the drying requirements.

6)Eliminate vacuum: After drying, move the steam control valve to the “closed” position. At this time, the air enters the chamber through the air filter and the negative pressure disappears. When the pressure gauge is restored to the “0” position and the temperature drops below 60℃, the chamber door can be opened to take out the items.

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