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Basic features and comparison of rotary water bath sterilizer

Basic performance characteristics

Its working principle is basically the same as the static water bath sterilization cabinet, except that the sterilization cart with sterilizing items in the cabinet is constantly rotating in front and behind at an adjustable speed, thus the forced convection generates a strongly disturbed uniform temperature field, which further reduces the time of temperature equilibrium in the chamber. At the same time, the liquid in the bottle is evenly stirred, heated, constant temperature and cooled to complete the sterilization process.

Comparison with static water bath sterilizer

1)As a result of rotary movement, cabinet temperature field is more consistent than static type, heat transfer faster, no dead Angle, thus better sterilization effect, sterilization cycle is shorter.

2)It is especially suitable for the sterilization of suspension, emulsion and other precipitation-prone liquid, because continuous positive and negative rotation can prevent stratification and maintain the stability and uniformity of the liquid.

3)It is used for the rapid sterilization, vacuum leak detection and drying of ampoule injection and oral liquid with high viscosity, because no matter where the defects of the bottle are, the above effects can always be better achieved through the all-around movement in the rotating process than the static type.

4)Because of continuous rotation, the sterilized articles can move and the heat can be transferred easily to the product to achieve rapid effect. Therefore, it is more suitable for the sterilization of heat-sensitive bottled medicine liquid than the static type.

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