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Basic elements of sterilization—action time

Action time

The action time of pressure steam sterilization shall be calculated from the time when the chamber reaches the sterilization time until the end of sterilization.
Total time includes:

①thermal penetration time is the required time from the chamber reaches sterilization temperature to the center of the sterilizing items reach the sterilization temperature.The length of time depends on the sterilized items nature, package measurement, placement location and the degree of air emptying in the chamber.

②Sterilization maintenance time is the prolonged heating time required to kill microorganisms,Generally half of the maintenance time, depending on the disinfection items.

③Time required for sterilization treatment:preheating time, discharge cold air time, chamber heating time and the cooling time required after sterilization treatment.Preheating time is the time for heating the chamber to reach the specified sterilization temperature. Preheating can increase the uniformity of dry heat in the chamber and prevent excessive condensation of steam; Discharge cold air time is to discharge the original cold air from the chamber to enhance the penetration of heat, So it is particularly important for steam to be given enough discharge cold air time to discharge cold air. Chamber heating time is heating the chamber temperature to the required sterilization temperature’s time after putting sterilized items into the chamber. Cooling time is the required time during chamber temperature dropped to the point that operator can open the chamber door safety after the end of sterilization or sterilization stop heating.


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