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The basic choice of humid heat sterilization cabinet

1)When limited by equipment investment, or by the universality of sterilization articles, the consideration of sterilization of multi-varieties and small-batch products, can generally choose the general pressure steam sterilization cabinet, especially pulsating vacuum steam sterilization cabinet is better.

2)Considering the economy of scale production, single and large quantity of sterilizing articles and other factors, for the pressure steam sterilizing cabinet, the special wet and hot sterilizing cabinet should be preferred, such as the leak-proof sterilizing cabinet, the quick-cold sterilizing cabinet of large infusion, the multifunctional sterilizing cabinet of Traditional Chinese medicine, the sterilizing cabinet of flexible packaging and the sterilizing cabinet of forced ventilation and drying.

3)When considering the effectiveness of product quality and yield after sterilization, the sterilization of packaged liquid should be pushed water bath sterilization, in which suspension, emulsion and other easy precipitation stratification, heat sensitive liquid, viscous liquid sterilizing the military especially with rotary water bath sterilization is better, followed by the selection of a special pressure steam sterilization cabinet.

4)When ordinary boiler steam containing impurities or other chemical substances is used as sterilization medium, which may bring secondary pollution and other adverse effects on the sterilization of unpacked articles, pure steam sterilization cabinet (or sanitary sterilization cabinet) should be selected.


Damp heat disinfection ark is the pharmaceutical, food, health care, scientific research units of commonly used disinfection sterilization equipment, since the 19th century French famous microbiologists Pasteur invented the disinfection sterilization, in order to adapt to the needs of all kinds of situation, in addition to the improvement in sterilization, all kinds of new wet and heat sterilization cabinet emerge in endlessly, which provides the user the disinfection sterilization equipment selection of greater choice, it also requires the user to according to the applicability of the equipment investment, operation cost, and quality of sterilization items after the effectiveness of the factors, combined with the actual situation of the enterprise itself, to comprehensive consideration and comprehensive balance to make the best choice.

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