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Autoclave Use And Safety

By using the water, pressure and heat energy, autoclave kills the microorganisms and spores by steam. They are used to sterilize medical apparatus, instruments, clothes and lab waste. And how to use the autoclave properly is important for protecting the operators and environment.
To achieve the sterilization effect, the staffs will need to stay under 121 ℃ and 20 psi for 30 minutes.



And the safety tips are as follow during operation:
1.Lock the door firmly before the operation.
2.Wait for the pressure to drop to zero before opening the door.
3.The bottles sealed with filled liquid is forbidden to be sterilized, which may explode during sterilization.
4.Another program other than the liquid program is not suitable for the liquid products, which will evaporate during sterilization.
5.When opening the door, stand behind the door and open it slowly. And wait to allow steam discharge before.
6.When dealing with the biohazard wastes, yellow biohazard bags rather than red bags are required to put the autoclave waste, add 250ml water to the bag before closing, then transport the bags by stainless steel or autoclave safe polypropylene 2°container. The waste must be put into the waste bin with the clear liner after the bags are cooled because custodians will only remove the bags in the bins. The waste must be removed timely to avoid others use it, and clean up yourself after these operations.

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