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Autoclave Sterilizer

Autoclave Sterilizer of Description:

Autoclave sterilizer is a kind of pressure sterilization equipment, which has high temperature, fast heating, strong penetration, fast sterilization speed, reliable effect, etc. However, improper use may also cause sterilization failure and even cause safety accidents. , Let’s briefly introduce the correct use of autoclave sterilizers.

Autoclave Sterilizer

                                           Autoclave Sterilizer


Autoclave Sterilizers of Correct Use:

1. To pre-treat items to be disinfected, first clean the items to be disinfected, such as utensils, first wash them, and then tie them up with kraft paper.

2. The high-temperature disinfectant is available for the sheets, clothes, etc. after being cleaned and bundled, and no other treatment is required.

3. For medical items, autoclave sterilizers is best to sterilize separately to prevent cross-infection.

4. Packaging and placing of items to be disinfected should be reasonable.

5. Exhaust air. The most important thing to use an autoclave is to get rid of the air in the pot.

6. Calculate the sterilization time. In terms of heating, heat preservation and sterilization, and cooling, heat preservation and sterilization are the most critical.

7. After the sterilization is over, the sterilized items can only be out of the pot after testing and reaching the sterilization requirements. When removing them, ensure the aseptic operation. The vents of the storage tank should be closed, and the storage time should not be too long, generally autoclave sterilizers cannot exceed seven days.




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