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Autoclave Clean and Maitenance Manual

Purpose: To establish a standardized operation, cleaning and maintenance procedures for pulse vacuum autoclave.
Scope: This standard applies to the operation, cleaning and maintenance for the biological safety cabinets.
Responsibilities: Responsible for the safety of personnel who operates the bio-safety cabinet.
1 Prepare work before operation
1.1 Check whether the equipment is normal or not, the power source is good, the spare valve should be in the off state, before work, the water must be added to above the high water level.
Add water: Water source must be closed before the operation of the drain valve, open the water valve, so that water could be added into the tank , add water to the high water level line 5-10mm, and then close the inlet valve. Water source should be checked before each sterilization, if the water source is not enough, please add.
1.2 Turn on the power, turn on the power switch, press the prompt to select the good heating mode set the sterilization temperature and sterilization time, and the internal pressure of the internal pressure of the pointer with a screwdriver to the sterilization temperature corresponding to the pressure value. The blue pointer is moved to a “0” pressure value with a screwdriver.
2 Start the screen after 3 seconds there will be four options: F1 steam heating, F2 electric heating, F3 temperature correction, F4 setting mode
2.1 According to the heating method, press “F1 steam” (steam would be added to the jacket) or “F2 electric” (heating tube heating), there will be the corresponding sterilization temperature and sterilization time.
2.2If you want to change the above parameters, press “” or “” to move the cursor to change the size of the value, confirm the good sterilization temperature and time, press “OK”, or press “Cancel” to return. The default parameters will be saved at the next boot time.
3 Loading
3.1 Sterilizer loading quantity should not be more than 80%, if the need to put together different items together, the most difficult to achieve the required sterilization items; items loading, distance should be left between each other to facilitate the exchange of air. The bag size shall not exceed 300mm × 300mm × 250mm.
3.2Large bags which is difficult to sterilize should be put on the upper layer, small packages that are easy to sterilize should be put on the lower layer; metal objects put on the lower layer, the fabric pack put the top layer of goods can not be put attached to the door and walls, to prevent more inhalation of condensate.
Metal bags should be flat, discs, dishes, bowls, etc. should be in the erect position; fiber fabric should be folded in the direction of vertical and horizontal State; glass bottles should be opened down or side to facilitate the steam inlet and air discharge.
3.4 Open and close the mesh container, should open the cover of the screen.
3.5When the solution is sterilized, it should be poured into a hard heat-resistant glass bottle, preferably not more than 3/4 of its volume,
Plug the bottle into the bottle and tie it on the bottleneck with the yarn to prevent the gauze from falling into the bottle. Do not use undamaged rubber or cork. It is best to put the glass bottle in a slightly larger enamel or metal plate to prevent the glass bottle from bursting when the solution is lost and contaminated with the metal chamber inside the sterilization chamber.
4 Closed door: close the door, push the door by left hand, the right hand clockwise turn the hand wheel, so that the support rod into the door bolt hole. Continue to turn the hand wheel, so that the door and rubber gasket close.
5 Sterilization: When the sterilization lamp is on, the sterilization controller automatically counts, the temperature is lower than the set value does not count, the temperature is higher than the set value of 2 degrees
When the inlet solenoid valve will be closed. When it is below, it automatically opens.
6 End: when the sterilization time finish, the sterilization of the indoor steam will automatically discharge, sterilization lamp off, the end of light, this time the need for cold
Condensate control valve all open to exhaust the steam row. When the sterilization chamber pressure gauge drops to “0” position, the alarm beeps. Fully open the condensing control valve, wait 1 to 2 minutes, let the natural cooling, and then press the door to open the door steps.
7Open the door: turn off the power switch, to confirm the inner pressure is “0”, the counterclockwise rotation of the hand wheel, so that the gear lever from the door bolt hole
After disengaging. For the items such as dressings and the like which are not affected by the temperature, the door can be removed from the door immediately. For the open-and-closed sieve container, the cover of the sieve should be closed and removed. For the glassware, such as the temperature, , Can not immediately open the door, and need to open a little 5-10mm to sterilization indoor temperature and external consistency, in order to open the door all, remove the items, so as to avoid the cold explosion.
Tip: “Do not let go, do not open the door !!”
8 Sterilization Post-treatment: When this sterilization is complete, the sterilized values are automatically retained. Open the drain valve using the jacket to the pressure inside the tank
Of the water discharge, wipe the sterilization room with a rag (wipe carefully when burned), close the door to be used next time. When continuous sterilization is required, the water level of the tank should be checked and the power switch should be turned off for 10 seconds before the water can meet.
1 Daily cleaning: Clean the shell everyday before and after the work.
2 Matters needing attention::
2.1 It is better not to sterilize the different types of goods at the same time. Such as dressing, solution, rubber and other equipment, or it cannot achieve good sterilization effect.
2.2During power off or accident, the power supply should be cut off immediately, and open the trap before the condensate control valve and drain valve, so that the steam inside the jacket and middle of the layer could be discharged in time, and the pressure gauge goes back to “0”. The accident should be marked on the sterilizer and be dealt with in time.
2.3During electric heating, it requires three-phase power balance, otherwise it will be easy to burn insurance or electric heating tube. At the same time, water level conditions should also be observed frequently
If the water level is too low, the water should be added in time. And clear the scale of the conductive column periodically is very necessary.
2.4Pressure gauge, safety valve should be regularly checked and found that failure or damage, should be promptly repaired or replaced. The safety valve handles every week
Pulling 1-2 times to keep it flexible.
2.5Electrical connectors should always be checked to prevent loosening. The equipment should be properly grounded to ensure safety.
2.6 The autoclave should be kept clean and dry, especially when not in use, should be wiped clean, so as not to be corroded, the Ministry of rotation
Should be timely plus lubricants.
2.7Avoid corrosion of stainless steel by chloride ions, pay attention to the use of water chloride ion content can not exceed 25ppm
2.8The sterilizer should be operated in good condition and should be regularly maintained to ensure proper operation.
3 Part Maintenance:
3.1Door seal: the Department of rubber products, when the aging and damage and leakage, it should be replaced.
3.2Pressure gauge: when the pointer can not return to “0” bit, the reading is not allowed, etc., should be replaced. And should be sent to the measurement department on a regular basis.
3.3If the temperature is offset after a long period of use, press “F3” when the temperature calibration occurs after power on.
3.4Set the mode, the user should be under the guidance of my company’s engineers to operate, a password open, the user can not arbitrarily set.。
3.5Pressure controller: the controller factory adjusted by 0.15MPa, after a period of time, if there is a large error, can be rotated. Adjust the knob on the controller. Adjust the power after heating, when the required pressure, the heating indicator can automatically turn off or bright, when the pressure to maintain stability, indicating that the pressure controller is working properly.
3.6Low water level breaker: the device should be regularly checked, the inspection method is as follows: the water tank to the normal water level connected to the power supply.
At this point, the heating lamp and water level lights should be lit to indicate that the electric heating is normal. And then open the liquid level drain valve for drainage, when the water level of the water level below the low water level, the water level indicator light and make a beep, then heat automatically cut off, that low water level power is normal. Then close the level of the sewage valve to the water tank, when the water level exceeds the low water level, stop the beep, the water level is bright, while the heating indicator light should immediately light that the heating system is working properly.
3.7Heat tube: water tank with U-shaped electric tube 6, each 4KW, suitable for 380V three-phase power supply. The surface scale should be cleaned regularly, so as not to affect the heat transfer effect.

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